DDLC Killer Concept: The Lovestruck

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Speed- 4.4m/s

TR- 24m

Height- Average

Difficulty- Hard

Weapon: Omnipotent Power

Her power can simply bend the rules of reality.

Power: Digital Apparition

Press the power button to summon Digital Clone.

After placing a Digital Clone, The Lovestruck transfers her terror radius to the Clone becoming Undetectable. Once a clone is placed looking towards the aura of an unfinished generator and pressing the power button again will send the Clone towards it, once the clone reaches the generator any survivor within 8 meters of the generator will scream and become Exposed for 20 seconds. Once the Clone disappears, The Lovestruck's terror radius will return.

Found You:

If any survivors scream after the Clone reaches a generator, pressing the secondary power button will make The Lovestruck teleport to the generator and increases her movement speed by 0.4m/s for 2 seconds.


While in chase, walking into a wall of any kind will make The Lovestruck walk through it, reducing her movement speed by 0.4m/s for 1.5 seconds after walking through a wall.


Goodbye Friends:

For each survivor killed by any means, your terror radius decreases by 4/6/8 meters.

Mine Forever:

This perk activates when a survivor is hooked, a fake terror radius with the same distance as the used killer's terror radius will be placed on the hook and any survivor who steps into the terror radius will become afflicted with Blindness, the effect persists for 15/10/15 seconds.

Hex: Just Monika:

When a survivor is sacrificed while this Hex is active, your movement speed increases by 0.1/0.2/0.3m/s,

When the third survivor is sacrificed while this Hex is active, the last survivor becomes Exposed.

Red Addons

Crimson Bow:

After using Found You,

increase The Lovestruck's movement speed by another 0..2m/s,

increases time Found You lasts by 2.5 seconds.

Poem Book:

Removes the slow-down effect of Apparition.

After using Apparition, the survivor The Lovestruck is chasing will not be able to vault windows or dropped pallets for 3 seconds.