Looking for practice partners

Darky77 Member Posts: 43
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I just want some practice with looping and general survivor stuff. I'm pretty terrible at everything except Gens and common sense (though that I also lack sometimes...)


  • kx_Karma_xk
    kx_Karma_xk Member Posts: 2

    I could use the opposite kinda help as killer so I'll help you. My psn and dbd name is kx_Karma_xk

  • wsm10
    wsm10 Member Posts: 2

    Hey there, I'm brand new to this game as well(5 days in), play survivor and am trying to learn the ropes as well. I'm on PS4/5, and would love to get in some practice trials to learn some basics as well, since the live matches have been an experience, to say the least. If anyone wants to shoot me a message(not to crazy on putting my psn out in the open because of those few "fun" people that always pop in), I'd really appreciate it. Best of luck & hope y'all have fun!

  • Robyte
    Robyte Member Posts: 15

    If U Guys still want to practise feel free to add me in discord: robyte, or Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198106822834/

    I have around 5k hours pretty much equally Split in both Sides. Im Not amazing or anything but i wouldnt mind playing some practice Games with U.