Halo X Dbd: The Flood

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To Broken bones, To Dust

With Spores and writhing flesh, a plague as old as time has entered to make new bodies of distraught. To contorted flesh, to mass.

The Flood leaves a path of corruption, able to place down two Seeds that will grow overtime. 

Blooming Mass

After 45 seconds, Flood Biomass will spread and infect the entire 

surrounding area. In a range of 24 meters, Pustules and tentacles move with life and will move like an organism. Some windows and vualts are blocked and have tentacles waving around.

Blooming Mass Affects:

Infected Crows

Crows near the Mass will become infected, having Flood mutations and distorted calls. If a survivor is nearby, they will stay and The Flood will get a Notification every 5 seconds. If they stay long enough the Infected Crow will fly overhead like they were afk for a while.

Looming Tentacles 

Some Windows and Pallets will have tentacles on it. If survivors interact with or go near, they will get hindered and sometimes can’t move for 3 seconds. 

Overgrown Pallets

Some Pallets have Flood Biomass that make them hard to drop, but have a chance to.

Overgrown Lockers

Some Lockers will have Flood Biomass inside. If a survivor opens it, the Tentacles will snatch them and force them inside. Survivors have a wiggle bar to get free and the Flood checks the locker 30% faster. 

Consumed Generator

These types of gens need to be repaired much longer and have bigger penalties. Explosions from perks or survivors failing a skill check can destroy the biomass.

Deformed Lunge

The Flood can leap forward to gain the high ground or destroy the distance between survivors. If The Flood hits a survivor they will have Deepwound. 

Counterplay: Flamethrowers(Yes, I’m deadass right now)

Survivors can find chests that contain a Flamethrower. They can use the Flamethrower to ward off The Flood or Destroy Flood Biomass. Normal pallets can be burned and will make it into a Weakened Pallet. If they use the Flamethrower on the heart of the Blooming Biomass it will erase it all. There are only four on the map and only one person can have it at a time.”You are food. Nothing more.”-Gravemind

Scourge Hook: Logic Plague 

The Entity founds your way of corrupting minds interesting and what’s to see more of it.

When a survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook. All survivors 40 meters near will have Obvilous and Paranoia. The Rescuer hears the entity whisper to them for 20 seconds.” Oh god, they’re voices. Oh god!”- Insane Marine 2 

Dementing Encounter

Everything breaks from the horrors you create and knowledge you carry.

When a survivor escapes a chase, this perk actives for 30 seconds. 

They will hear grunts of pain from other survivors nearby and have Paranoia. If they come near other survivors they will spread Paranoia that lasts 20 seconds. Chases take 2 seconds shorter to end and this perk has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

“Stay back! Stay back! You’re not turning me into one of those things!”- Insane Marine 1

A Grave for Two

If they venture to the darkness, you invite them to stay.

Survivors who enter the Basement with you 32meters away from you have the entrance blocked for 10 seconds. Two random lockers in the Basement are blocked for 20 seconds. Hooking a survivor in the Basement gives undetectable after leaving the Killer Shack.” Two corpses, one grave.”-The Gravemind 

Rare Addons

Neural Implants

Captain Keyes had what would destroy the Pillar of Autumn, that would destroy the Ring. A series of events, falling like Dominos falling onto each other. Little bits of Biomass remain on it.

Interacting with objects have a chance to Infect it. Biomass spread max takes 10 more seconds.” Keyes. Jacob. Captain. Service number 01928-19912-JK.”

Cut Mandibles 

A sole survivor, a victor of a deadly dual against the plague. It has energy burns at the end.

Deformed Lunge has a further launch and now inflicts Punctured. Punctured Survivors grunt in pain louder and fast vaulting can cause them to scream and reveal their aura. “That stench…”-Rtas ‘Vadum 

Infection Form

A main source of combat forms and more abominations. The red antenna brings a strong sense of dread.

Survivors that leave an infected area will leave a trail that will infect objects. Survivors affected with this addon have a 10% repair and healing decrease during the duration.”I can see it, slithering under their skin!”- Insane Marine 2

Pile of Flesh

The Flood needed biomass to convert and go to the Coordinated Stage. The bodies are both Covenant and UNSC, bounded by green decaying flesh.

Blooming Mass seeds take more damage to flamethrowers. Flamethrowers give survivors more hindered by 4%. “You don’t want earth, you want everything.”-Captain Keyes

Ultra Rare

Lament of Billions

All their minds, flesh and bones join in union for greater purpose. All their memories and experiences are yours to exploit.

Killing survivors makes Blooming Mass infected areas increase by 14 meters. Takes 120 seconds for Blooming Mass to spread to the max area.”I have beaten thousands of fleets! Consumed a galaxy of Flesh and mind and bone!”-The Gravemind

The Primordial’s Truth 

A Dark answer of what the Flood are, what they want and beliefs. Those who hear it can’t withstand knowing and don’t last long.

Survivors who stay in a infected area for 30 seconds will have the Exposed status effect. This lingers for 10 seconds when they leave the infected area.”I am the monument of all your sins.”-The Gravemind