What does the EMP do?

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Hey there DMV survivors I'm relatively new and am completely stumped when it comes to a few things. What does this EMP do?

What exactly does it mean when you're in the game and above someone's icon is those bone figure things that sometimes wrap around someone's icon for?

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    Hi! The EMP is used against the Singularity by disabling those pods the Singularity shoots out, thereby preventing them from infecting or teleporting to survivors. It doesn't knock them out forever, but it does deactivate them for a decent amount of time.

    Those bone things (the ones which appear eitherside of the survivor portrait) mean 2 things: 1. One survivor will have them on permanently and much larger than the others. They are the obsessiom, which the killer gets more BP for killing and the obsession will important for some killer (and even survivor) perks and 2. If you see them wiggling around a portrait it means they are being chased. A good way of knowing when it's safe to do something else, or figure out if the survivor needs helping and is on their last hook.