Slenderman killer concept

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SLENDERMAN  4,2m/s  16m terror radius 

Omnipresence: survivors can’t see or hear him but Slenderman can, he has vision similar to Dredge while in Nightfall, but survivors are highlighted in red. Slenderman moves at 7,6m/s but can’t hit/bodyblock survivors or interact with objects. Appearing and disappearing from the real world takes 0,5s, but entering it makes a 16m radius non-directional noise. After appearing you need to wait 10s to disappear again. 

To enter the real world Slenderman has some limitations. He can appear up to 12m away from them, but Slenderman can ignore this limit if he hides behind any map object tall enough to hide his figure, letting him appear up to 7m.

Shortcut: while being in the real world, you can send an invisible portal up to 12m (similar to Pinhead). You can see when Slenderman is sending it by the apparition of tentacles on his back. Once you release the button, it stays in place and active for 10s.

Press again the button to teleport silently to it's location (takes 1s). Has a cooldown of 14s.

Sicking aura: you can see the white auras of 8 notes. Survivors which have Slenderman figure in their field of view gain paranoia points: 120-32m = 2p/s 32-24m = 3p/s 24-16m = 4p/s 16-0m = 6p/s

Paranoia stackable effects:

25-50p = increases skill checks rotation speed by 50% and triggering chance by 20%

50-75p = applies permanent exhaustion

75-99p = you see all teammates as Slenderman outside a 6m radius, each one having a 16m terror radius that only you hear.

100p = can't hear Slenderman entering and exiting the real world 

When survivors grab pages, you get a loud noise notification. Each page grants -50 paranoia points, but Slenderman gets stronger every time pages are collected.

2 pages = -2s for shortcut cooldown and +3m for shortcut maximum placement

4 pages = -2s for shortcut cooldown and +3m for shortcut maximum placement

6 pages = reduces the distance limit to appear in survivors field of view to 9m