Vigo The Hermit

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Base Speed: 4.4

Killer Power: Shattered Lantern

Active Ability: Upon holding the Active Ability Button for 5 seconds, you light your lantern, clearing out the fog around you. Upon doing so you receive a base speed increase of .2, but also have higher exhaustion from missed hits and all stuns. When the lantern is not lit, you have a 12-meter terror radius, and the suffocation effect takes place. ||The lantern starts lit with the cooldown active. There is a 30-second cooldown between switches|| ||Flashlights pause the choking effect and clear the fog in front of them.||

Passive Effect: The fog is darker around the map, playing any reagent determines how thick the fog is. ||If a/multiple clear reagent(s) is/are played and no other reagents are played, the fog will be focused on generators and hooks instead. Any attempt to go past a single murky reagent will cause a choking effect on survivors regardless of if the lantern is lit; upon reaching 80 seconds the survivor(s) will lose one health state. || No matter what/if a reagent is played, lamps will be provided in random parts of the map. The lamps prevent the choking effect and roll the timer back.

(Think Plague and Freddy)


1st (K) Perk: Peek-a-boo – See an additional 4/8/12 meters through the fog, regardless of thickness.

2nd (K) Perk: Flip The Switch - "You used to have such a beautiful smile…what happened?" At the start of the match, two additional totems will spawn and 3/4/5 totems appear as hex totems. For each hex you do have the appropriate totem appears unlit. Your hex now affects the unlit totem. You still see the aura of your hex(s). If the last totem that’s unlit and not affected by a hex is broken all effects are neutralized. You keep your hexes unless they are broken.

3ird (K) Perk: Tricks of The Fog – Survivors outside of your Terror Radius hear 2/3/4 (simultaneous) false noise notifications when you hook a survivor or kick generators. When kicking generators, create an 8-meter terror radius at the closest generator of all survivors for 4/6/8 seconds. All killer-made noise notifications are distorted, showing all hooks where a noise notification was perceived. The cooldown is 90/80/60 seconds. If a survivor is in your Terror Radius they will not be affected. You gain undetectable for 8 Seconds.

Brown Add-ons:

·    Shattered Glass – Your terror radius is reduced by 2 meters when the lantern is lit.

·    Crude Oil – The lantern burns brighter increasing the amount of fog around you that dissipates by 2 meters.

·    Wet Matches – decreases the time it takes to light the lantern by 1 second.

·    Squeaky Door – Decreases the cooldown of the lantern by 4 seconds.

Green Add-ons:

·    Tinted Glass – Your terror radius is decreased by 6 meters while the lantern is lit. The light from your lantern is warped, decreasing the amount of fog that dissipates by 4 meters. The light is hard to see as your travel.

·    Misquote Repellant – The smell is calming to survivors, decreasing your terror radius by 6 meters while the lantern is lit, and 4 meters while the lantern is not lit.

·    Dry Herbs – The calming herbs you have carefully chosen to reduce the stress of the survivors. Your terror radius is reduced by 8 meters while the lantern is on cooldown going from unlit to lit.

·    Golden Latch – The golden latch makes opening the door to the lantern easier, decreasing the time it takes to light the lantern by 2 seconds and reducing the cooldown by 9 seconds.

·    Sturdy Handle – The steadiness you can maintain with the lantern allows you to increase your base speed by .1

Yellow Add-ons:

·    Clear Glass Panels - The light travels efficiently to dissipate the surrounding fog. The surrounding fog is dissipated by 12 meters when the lantern is lit. Your terror radius is increased by 2 meters. The survivors can see your light better as you travel through the fog.

·    Kerosene – When extinguishing the fire in your lantern, the fog takes 6 seconds longer to sink back in.

·    Dry Bark – The bark you learned to dry increases the thickness of the fog by 1 level.

·    Rust remover – Decreases your cooldown by 10 seconds

·    A bloodied Athame – When not in a chase and you press the 2nd ability button, your hand flies off with your lantern, taking your terror radius, and red stain. You cannot use your basic attack until your hand hits a wall, appearing back on you.

Purple Add-ons:

·    Chloride Woven Wick – Your understanding of the natural world increases your desire to learn of the spiritual one. You start the match with the lantern unlit, When lighting the lantern while the survivor is in your terror radius, you can blind them. The survivor’s aura is shown for 8 secs. You also become blind. If no survivors are near you, you do not become blind.

·    Blood-Stained Glass – Something strange is happening with the glass you made, it appears to drink blood. For each successful hit with a basic attack, the fog closes in on you by 2 meters. Once the fog has completely consumed you, you enter a rage state, running at a base speed of 5. Upon missing a hit, the rage will end, and you will be stunned for 2 seconds. Upon hitting a survivor, they will be instantly downed, if another survivor is hit, they will suffer from deep wounds, and you will be stunned for 5 seconds, and the rage will end. This can only happen once per trial.

·    Reinforced Sturdy Handle – A magnificent handle crafted by your hand; you can now be more reckless, increases your base movement speed by .4

· Stainless-steel framing A man-made metal that shows great resilience and efficiency. Decreases your cooldown by 15 seconds, and your base movement speed is reduced by .1

Iridescent Add-ons:

·    Iridescent Panels – Using your forbidden arts, and forgotten techniques, you have crafted a magnificent glass that pulls the fog inwards. The dissipation distance is reduced by 4 meters. All survivors can no longer see your lantern as you travel. All survivors can no longer see your dissipation range.

·    Unlucky Tendril – The entity has given you a piece of itself, whether willing or not you don’t remember. Your lantern will automatically switch by itself after the cooldown has been completed. The cooldown has been extended by 20 seconds. When the lantern is unlit, if a survivor is touching the fog, they will suffer from a 2% hindered effect. When the lantern is lit all the fog on the map disappears and the survivors can recover from the choking effect without the help of a lantern. The survivors immediately recover from hindered.

Survivor: Paul and Oliva Adair as The Lost

1st (S) Perk: In plain sight – If standing still for 24/20/16 seconds and performing no other action (including walking, crouching, running), gain the endurance effect. If hit, causes the exhaustion effect for 200/160/120. If the effect is canceled by moving, gain exhaustion for half that time.

2nd (S) Perk: Dry Wailing- Upon being forced to scream, gain a 5% haste status effect. For the next 3/4/5 Seconds, your grunts of pain are quiet and pools of blood do not show. Once the effect ends, lose the haste status effect. This perk has a cooldown of 25/20/15 seconds.

3ird (S) Perk: Boon: Unfortunate Circumstances – After blessing a totem with this boon. The last survivor in the match gains endurance while in this boon radius. Upon being hit, the totem will immediately break. The survivor suffers from Blindness, Broken, Exhausted, Exposed, and Hemorrhage (If injured). They also gain 2/3/5% Haste and 80/90/100% speed increase to opening gates.

The idea behind The Lost is that in the customization menu when selecting that character, it will switch between Olivia and Paul. Similar to the legion. Costumes are gender-neutral in style so either can wear them.