Arachnophobia Chapter Concept and Killer Lore

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The General:

The General Spider originates from a hidden sinkhole hidden within the depths of Venezuela, where him and their colony lived, untouched by man, until one day, an expedition lead by James Artherton came, causing the deaths of many of the General’s drones. Enraged, the General hitched a ride on the supplies of the expedition, eventually killing the group’s photographer, later hiding in the photographer’s casket, which ended up in Canaima, California.

After their arrival in Canaima, the General mated with an ordinary house spider, creating a new species of extremely venomous spider that included the Queen, who the General mated in an attempt to attempt to conceive pure Venezuelan spiders.

The new lineage of spiders soon started to cause havoc on Canaima, killing many residents. A local physician by the name of Ross Jennings, along with a few acquaintances would soon discover the General’s nest, resulting in the nest’s destruction and the death of the Queen.

It was at this time, when the General was the most enraged, the Entity decided it would make a great addition to the trials, disguising the Fog as the smoke of the burning cellar.