Who is your favourite Killer and why?



  • Khylwch
    Khylwch Member Posts: 14

    Knight useful powers without the awful we made the killer too good so we will make controlling them awful rather than balancing the game. Worst idea ever. Oni is so cool looking and a great killer but when you use the power the controls are so terrible unless you are on PC with a special mouse. This idea make it hard to control is why so many players quit

  • Annso_x
    Annso_x Member Posts: 1,611

    Demogorgon. It became my favourite killer before I even started liking Stranger Things.

    I think he's really well balanced, got some cool tricks and I like his whole design (animations & sounds, chase music). The mori is great too.

    I really enjoy his playstyle, it's chase oriented but it doesn't make holding w the only strategy against, so I always get fun chases and the portals allow me to find an other one quickly.

    Also, he's the bestest boy and people don't face him often so they're usually happy to do so, so usually the games are chill and fun

  • MrMooseyMan
    MrMooseyMan Member Posts: 28

    The Shape. I know people say he's weak, but I really like his playstyle. My favorite way to play him is keeping my terror radius as small as possible, or staying as hidden an illusive as possible through Blindness, and zooming around the map ready to take out survivors. I like a good hit and run playstyle with Mikey. I think he use to be more fun before the update that allowed you to see all survivors who were getting chased (rather than just the obsession), but he's still fun to play regardless. Sure, you can get stopped, but I'll take that in exchange for the incredible jump scare moments I get with him.

  • EynoxVII
    EynoxVII Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 12

    Myers- Because I like making things way more difficult than they need to be.

  • GeneralV
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    But not the Nightmare we have today. Oh no, definitely not.

    My favorite killer is the legendary Old Freddy. He was the very first killer I played, all the way back in 2018 when I got the game. Old Freddy is the main reason why I loved this game.

    And he is gone now.

  • Agt_Scully
    Agt_Scully Member Posts: 156

    The Shape 🔪 (Scratched Mirror 🔎 Myers)

    One of the most iconic killers of all time, I love the Scratched Mirror perk that allows you to hide around corners and walls. Its worth it for the jump scares alone!

  • AbsolutGrndZer0
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    edited September 2023

    I'd have to say The Pig. First, I love the SAW movies, especially Amanda herself, and despite your constant nerfs of her (most of which still make no sense) so much it's become a meme, I still find her fun. The way the community has created the "boop tax", the continued support of Lionsgate with the mask for Meg to promote SPIRAL, plus an entire freaking Tome dedicated to SAW complete with a new story for Amanda herself and even Tobin Bell reprising his role as Jigsaw (or maybe The Entity posing as Jigsaw?) for the trailer, I just love her so much.

    In closing...

    BUFF PIG or at least give us her new outfit from SAW X.

  • ironligma
    ironligma Member Posts: 119

    Well it was slinger them I went to swamp one to many times so now wesker and blight. To play against it's a lot of killers lol but mainly nemo because he's not oppressing, blight because the skill variety is fun, slingers because if you get whooped its because he's good, and wesker just has that chase music

  • Verconissp
    Verconissp Member Posts: 1,576

    Clown: I liked his backstory and i really liked to use his Bottles to the Fullest Extent, Nobody expects Some Really Good Plays for a Clown that's bad in a 1v4 Scenario, Been my main for a few Months now,

  • oxygen
    oxygen Member Posts: 3,291


    Throwing hatchets is simply my fave power in the game. Fun, satisfying and with a lot of room to improve at it.