Adrenaline doesn’t activate when unhook yourself

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Hello everyone, I played a match today and I was using the "Adrenaline" perk, and the situation was as follows: I understand that when you are hooked and the last generator is repaired and then a teammate unhook you, you are fully healed, thanks to Adrenaline. In this match, there was me and a Nea left, I was hooked for the first time and Nea finished the last generator after I was hooked. As it was my first hook I tried to get out of the hook and on the third attempt I managed to get out, but the strange thing is that I was not completely healed, I got out of the hook and I was injured. The killer wasn't using any addon or perk that gives the state Broken (she was The Skull Merchant). Was it a bug or something I don't know?

Platform: PC (Epic Games)

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