Predator multi tool killer concept.

The Predator power ideas

I suggest that the new killer the predator should be a multi tool killer. With different weapons to switch too that grants different abilities for each. Such as the Shoulder beam, Spear, Netgun. Wristblades as default. -TRIGGER PASSIVE ABILITY a cloak that takes effect after hitting a number of 4 survivors only with wrist blades to turn invisible and lose your terror radius, survivors will hear the predators iconic laugh when you turn invisible. /-SHOULDER BLASTER, depending the charge, your energy beam is too inflict damage too survivors at a distance.short charge 1 sec. hit, the survivor is put into the injured state with a 20 second endurance and another hit will increase endurance. Medium charge hit 10 sec, the survivor is put into the injured state. Long charge 30 sec hit puts the survivor into the dying state. /-SPEAR, inflict damage too survivors while in the chase. Charge the spear too charge at the survivors infront of your view. In dash attack you can also destroy pallets/doors infront of you.

/-NETGUN, 10 snares too capture and tie your pray while in the chase. The survivors hit by the net have a 25 second timer till the trap restricts into their body. Being snared by the trap will lose the ability too vault windows/pallets, cannot throw down pallets and cannot repair/heal while snared, cannot open the exit gates. Survivors snared, the trap will restrict until damage into the injured state.the survivors cannot break from the snare. If the predator hits you while snared you break free from the net. But take damage into the second state. Other survivors can help you break free from the snare with a action. And you will not take damage from it. =/=MORI( predator walks toward your body stabs your back, lifting you in the air with mighty rawr And drops you.) favorite idea(Then he snares your feet upside down with a rope too leave you hanging there dead). Id love too hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for your time.