Killer/ Survivor Concept: The Jailer

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Hi Community!! I've never posted on a forum before so please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place or it's too long. Also I'd like to mention that any ideas to concepts or names being changed I'm completely ok with and would love to hear.

First I thought the chapter could be called Prison Sentence.

Killer: The Jailer/ The Warden/ The Officer

They would have the appearance of a ghost/zombie with tears in the outfit, blood splatter and possibly chains. Their weapon would be a baton and I was hoping it could be an old Jailer outfit as I would like him to have a back in time backstory. He was the head guard or warden of an over crowded prison and left the convicts in terrible living conditions, where he unjustly extended their prison sentences and beat them up at times. Ultimately he passed away from a prison riot where the convicts maliciously took his life to obtain his master keys to escape.

Special Ability: Spectral Gate

He can go through walls and floors, he can hold the ability button to make spectral gates, up to 3 gates at a time. After the gate is made they can walk/ drop or levitate ( or jump and climb through for more time ) through the pre-made gate. With the same ability button he can destroy the gate and is able to walk through with the secondary ability button. If he makes a new gate after 3, the oldest gate made will disappear. Survivor's can find pouches of salt/ charms within lock boxes scattered throughout the map and can use it to close the gates. If it's salt, the Survivor's will only be able to close the gate from the top floor as they can't throw salt up to destroy it. The gates could look like a swirdle bright blue vortex with oozing goo and its dripping from the ceiling so people could notice. They have up to 3-4 uses.

In saying that the jailer wouldn't be able to look up and make a gate, they would have to do it from being on the top floor. In my mind to make it fair. I did read a reddit thread where I added the charm idea from that, I'd like to mention though that this isn't teleportation like the nurse or dredge. It will take a bit of time to first make a gate then go through it, the gate if they go up or down would take time but quick through a wall. Plus the gate could glow and give heart beat or sound halfway through to give survivors time just like with demigorgon. And this could be an interesting idea if they didn't destroy wall doors so survivor's would have less options to run. As well as I'm not sure how useful this power could actually be on flat maps without 2 story spots. As I said I'm not set in this decision for an ability, I just thought it'd be cool.


I thought they could either be a lawyer who's reading over old case files about the tragedies, and normally helps defend the innocent where their client was an older person who was oversentenced and is trying to stop them from going back to jail. Or a prisoner at the time of the riot who was wrongfully accused of committing a crime and had to endure the tortures of the prison first hand, where they met their end during the riot too.

Map: The Abandoned Prison

( honestly the reason I came up with all this )

A night time and day time map potentially where there's a courtyard with spot lights and electric fencing, jail cells with mattresses on the floor, old food, rats and buckets. Most the cells are closed but a few will have vault locations with rebar on the bottom in stone walls. Some walls have collapsed or were destroyed to get to locked cells or damage over time with all the usual. Since there's now "special items" survivor's can pick up, I thought there could be a guard room where you need to search lockers, or search through many bodies of prison guards, to find the wardens key to open the office. And find a chest, and a break in the wall from the second floor to the outside courtyard. Sooo many ideas could come from this map.

Killer Perks:

Guard- once a survivor is hooked for the First time guard activates for 10-15 seconds. Where a barbed ring will be around the hooked survivor on the ground in a circle. If another survivor enters it before it disappears they will scream and be seen by the killer for 6-8 seconds.

Hex: Lock Down- the killer can choose up to 1-2 generators and block them. Once they press the ability button on the generator it will be blocked until the totem is destroyed, they cannot take back their choice once chosen. If there's progress on the generator they have to damage it first then block it or else it'll stay just blocked, starts regressing at a normal speed. Survivor's within 4 meters see the totem and it gradually expands that range to 24 meters over the course of 40 seconds. But that only starts when the first generator is chosen. Maybe a bit too OP though. ( I thought this might help with games that go to quickly, say if the totem is still in play with 1 generator left, they could do this to two and then the survivor's have to spend a bit of time away from it ) And if they did this perk at the start it gives killers an advantage to block some space off. But it'd also make perks like repressed alliance and potential energy more fun.

Hard labour- once the exit gates are open all uninjured survivor's get a small movement speed penalty until injured, only activates once the gates are open, if a survivor was injured then got healed after the gates had been opened doesn't affect them.

Survivor Perks:

Snitch- After being within the killers terror radius for 40/35/30 seconds without being chased, snitch activates. They can then press the ability button to show the killer ( for only 6 seconds ) and all survivor's to all survivor's for 4/6/8 seconds. Snitch would have a cool down of 45 seconds and cannot show the killer if they are undetectable.

Keep Quiet or Lawyer Up- after unhooking a survivor, their and your grunts of pain ( if injured ) stop for 30 seconds. They each still leave blood trails and has a cool down of 40 seconds.

Boon: Freedom Will Come- Any survivor hooked in the radius of this boon slightly decreases the rate at which the survivor is dying. Also increases the chance of unhooking themselves slightly.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope something awesome can come from it!