Batman Arkham Asylum Collection: The Concept

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For The Killers:

Trickster as The Joker (or The Riddler)

Clown as Professor Pyg (or The Joker)

Blight as The Scarecrow (or Penguin)

Trapper as Deathstroke (or Bane)

Oni as Bane (or Deathstroke)

Deathslinger as Two-Face (or Dead Shot)

Skull Merchant as Cat Woman

The Survivors:

David as Batman

Dwight as Nightwing

Jake as Red Hood

Ace as Alfred (or The Riddler)

Vittorio as Commissioner Gordon

Kate as Harley Quinn (or Cat Woman.)

Meg as Batgirl (or Poison Ivy)


The Bat Signal (Survivors Only)

Joker Was Here (Killers Only)

Gotham Snow (rain) Globe (For Both Parties)