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Perks Display in Lobby....

Has anyone found out any information about why they released this random update to show perks in the lobby? Located to the right of my character. Its kind of a bummer when streaming and trying to hide perks from stream snipers.

This is not my photo, but mine looks the same. I would like to be able to shut it off. Any one have any updates on this?


  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
    Spare_Them_Mori_Me Member Posts: 562

    When and why would they do this? I am so confused... If implemented, I hope its togglable.

  • Jarky
    Jarky Member Posts: 585

    You're part of a test group that's viewing a potential change to the UI in the lobby. There's no way to turn this off if you're part of the test group.

    This is good feedback, however, so I'd suggest putting it in the feedback section that you'd like (if the feature ever goes live) to be able to turn it off.