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Chapter Idea: A Tomb's Curse

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New Killer: The Pharaoh

Abrax began his life as a peasant in his society, worshipping the Pharaoh as a god amongst his people. For some time, he and his family enjoyed their lives. But one day, a voice spoke to him, an even greater god than any he's worshipped. He woke up and spread this belief to his family, but they rejected him, and later in the day, he came to forget the voice.

Later in life, he heard it again, this time it promised to prove itself. The voice spoke of a darkness within the land, that would grow and destroy the fields of his people. Within the month, a famine struck, and Abrax began to believe.

During his adolescence, Abrax spoke publicly to the people, shouting prophecies, visions, and more to prove the existence of the Kian. And with that, he was swiftly thrown into prison. But the next day he was out, worshipping this god again, soon gaining followers.

Even though Egypt was enduring a horrible famine, Abrax and his followers never grew hungry as they pillaged and slaughtered. The boy got training from a general following his prophecies, and Abrax became an unstoppable force. The Pharaoh sent the Medjay to stop Abrax and his followers, none returned, and others changed sides.

The lands of Egypt soon fully succumbed to the famine, with very little resistance, Abrax and his people stormed the city of Memphis, claiming Abrax was the rightful ruler of Egypt. The ceremony seemed to have brought an end to the famine, which turned the last few villages loyal to the previous Pharaoh, bowing to Abrax.

He sat upon a chair that his followers carried across the lands to the home of Abrax's predecessor, as the people threw their riches to him in thanks. Upon reaching Cairo, the Pharaoh laid down his life and was executed by the Abrax's Loyalists.

The jewels, adornments, and clothes were removed and worn by Abrax. The people cheered his name, claiming he and The Kian were the saviors of Egypt, thus beginning The Pharaoh's reign. Egyptians tore down the statues of The Pharaoh's predecessor and built strange structures that represented The Kian, a god with no form.

Slaves of all kinds were sacrificed, foreign and domestic alike. Each one was tortured and dismembered to The Kian's liking. For four years, life was peaceful and fortunate for Egypt.

Then another revolution began, a rise of peasants against his laws and soldiers. Abrax understood how much he managed to change the land from the lowest, he believed that maybe it would be wise to stamp out the embers before the fires began.

He ventured to a small town, finding the revolters cheering upon their leader. Abrax looks up and sees a beautiful woman, with a spear in hand, shouting commands and the movement of her body. The revolters turned to Abrax and his army, to which he swiftly surrendurred, not wanting to cause another war.

Abrax spoke with this new revolutionist, calling herself Bastet, and she spoke of the horrible acts of cruelty against her family. She demanded to abandon The Kian, claiming it to be a false god amongst Egypt, to which the people shouted in support. Abrax bowed his head, and began to chant, calling upon The Kian.

The ground shuddered as The Kian proved its existence to the non-believers. From the ground, dark organic spikes rose, encircling the village of the Revolters, and as the Followers of Abrax began to chant as well. A language unbenownst to anyone spoke in the air, though everyone understood what it meant, a warning.

As The Pharaoh slowed his chanting, the spikes returned into the Earth, and the revolters kneeled down in submission. He took them and returned to Cairo, entitling them to priests and witnesses of The Kian, as they have heard it speak, with taking Bestet as his wife.

But the revolution spread nonetheless, rocketing conflicts across the entirety of Egypt. Abrax understood now, peace is no longer an option. The Pharaoh sent his armies, lead by himself and Bestet to finish the revolution. Upon his first battles, a stray arrow had struck him in the eye, but with his faith in The Kian, he pushed forward, knowing victory was promised.

But the revolution never came to an end, the war fought on for years and eventually, Abrax could fight no longer. His death in battle was a loss of the kingdom, and even when the Revolution was victorious, they allowed Bestet and the remaining Followers of Abrax to build a great tomb in his honor.

As the pyramid neared completion, a black fog rose from the tip, spreading across all of Egypt. The Kian consuming anything in its wake.

Killer Perks:

All-Seer: The eyes of your enemies will be your own

  • You become obsessed with a single Survivor.
  • When the Obsession commits a coop action with any other Survivor, the auras of the other Survivors are revealed to you and for 6 | 8 | 10 seconds after the action is interrupted by any means.

"Do not mistake me for a fool, I see all." - Abrax Badawi

Hex: Empower: Their progress gifts you power, and with it, their end

  • Every time a generator is completed, gain 1 token up to a maximum of 3 | 4 | 5 tokens
  • Gain 2% haste for each token acquired.

"Power requires sacrifice, of which I am willing to offer." - Abrax Badawi

Touch of the Faithless: It is their touch that brings their destruction

  • Breaking a generator will reveal the aura of the last Survivor to interact with that generator for 6 | 8 | 10 seconds.

"Do not let them touch the sacred texts, the hands of the wicked will taint our ways." - Abrax Badawi

Killer Power: Curse of The Gods

Disgraced by his people, the Pharaoh rises from his tomb to seek vengeance and spread the message of The Kian.

Special Effect: Accursed

Press and hold the Power Button to make a Survivor Accursed. Accursed Survivors will be followed by Phantoms that intermittently appear and disappear.

Upon being Cursed, a timer will start, when the timer reaches 25% a Phantom will appear and give the Survivor the Deafened status effect. When the timer reaches 50% a second Phantom will appear and any actions the Survivor commits to will only have them receive difficult skill checks. When the timer reaches 75% a third Phantom will appear and the Survivor will be given the Blindness status effect with an Altar will be revealed to them. When the timer fills completely, a fourth Phantom will appear and reveal the Survivor with Killer Instinct.

Special Interaction: Altars

At the beginning of a trial, 2 Altars will spawn at the furthest points of one another. When a Survivor becomes Accursed interacting with either of these Altars will release the Phantoms. (Interaction takes 5 seconds)

The Pharaoh can interact with Altars to be given Usurper from The Kian, for each Phantom given to the Altar in which The Pharaoh interacts, Usurper will last longer. (1 Phantom 30 seconds, 2nd Phantom 50% longer, 3rd Phantom 25% longer, 4th Phantom 12.5% longer, and so on.)

Special Ability: Usurper

After interacting with an Altar, if the Altar has at least 1 Phantom, Usurper activates. Upon activation, all Survivors are revealed by Killer Instinct for 10 seconds. The Pharaoh becomes bonded with The Kian.

All breakable walls, downed pallets, and generators are revealed to you within 16 meters. Pressing the Primary Ability Button will call upon The Entity to break revealed pallets and breakable walls as well as block generators for the duration of the ability.

Curse of The Gods Add-ons:


Wooden Spear: A wooden spear Abrax and his brothers played with when they dreamed of being warriors under the Pharaoh. A time before The Kian.

  • Usurper no longer allows you to break pallets from afar. Interacting with pallets and breakable walls will break them instantly while generators will instantly block them.
  • Gain 100% bonus blood points to the Deviousness Category.

Blindfold: A blindfold Abrax would wear when preaching the greatness of The Kian. This was a way to prove his faith when wandering the streets.

  • Increases the aura reading of Usurper by 4 meters

Rusted Bar: A bar that had rusted away the night Abrax was imprisoned, allowing him to escape and preach the next morning.

  • Survivors who finish an interaction with an Altar will reveal their aura for 7 seconds.

Snake: A dead snake that had hissed at Abrax during his preaching, an onlooker had thrown the snake at him, and it died as it touched Abrax's skin.

  • Usurper is extended by 10 seconds


Cursed Sword: A sword holding a dark aura that could not be seen by the non-believers. Those who wielded this sword would die with it in hand.

  • Accursed Survivors gain a 1% hindered effect for each Phantom they have.

Severed Thumb: A severed thumb a slave had given to Abrax as an offering to join his followers. This slave had become one of Abrax's most trusted allies.

  • Destroying a downed pallet while Usurper is active will cause all Survivors outside of your terror radius to scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds

Fertilized Dirt: A small pile of dirt poured upon a field of dying crops. As the night passed, the crops were ready for harvest. This dirt was touched by peasants in hopes of blessings.

  • Interacting with an Altar causes Survivors to scream, revealing their locations for 4 seconds.

Folded Clothes: Gifts from a village as thanks for Abrax's good deeds. These clothes were burned in a fire, the deeds are The Kian's alone.

  • Generators blocked by Usurper stay blocked for 10 seconds after Usurper ends.

Prophecy: An hieroglyphic prophecy Abrax made, foretelling the death of the Pharaoh. Abrax ensured that this meant war.

  • When a Survivor becomes Accursed, their aura is revealed for 5 seconds.


Scorned Silver: Silver coins that were taken from The Pharaoh, these coins were burned with the non-believers.

  • Accursed Survivors are afflicted with a 5% penalty speed to wiggling for each Phantom they have

Patch of Skin: A patch of Abrax's skin adorned with a tattoo given to him as he passed the tests of his Medjay followers.

  • Accursed Survivors who have at least 1 Phantom will gain deep wound upon losing a health state.

Settled Ashes: A pile of ashes found after The Kian had set the enemies of Abrax aflame. Warriors touched these ashes in hopes of strength.

  • Interacting with an Altar gives Survivors the Exhausted Status effect for 60 seconds.

Pharaoh's Head: The head of Abrax's predecessor, prepared for mummification, as was tradition and honorable.

  • Upon hooking a unique Survivor, gain a token. Upon reaching 4 tokens, gain Usurper for 60 seconds.
  • Reaching 4 tokens, consumes all tokens, resetting the add-on.

The Kian: A statue of spider-like legs encircling the head of The Pharaoh, not accurate as to what The Kian's appearance to be, or at least what they thought.

  • Survivors within 6 meters of a pallet or breakable wall being destroyed whilst Usurper is active will have their aura revealed for 5 seconds.

Very Rare

Bestet's Spear: The spear of Bestet Badawi, wife of Abrax Badawi. Both were great warriors who rose from the lower class.

  • Survivors start the Trial Accursed with 1 Phantom

"That- that was real, but how?" - Bestet Badawi

Obsidian Eye: A replacement for the eye Abrax had lost in one of the first battles as a Pharaoh.

  • Increases aura reading during Usurper by 10 meters

"This is no loss, merely an obstacle to overcome." - Abrax Badawi

Sacred Sand: A pile of sand from Bestet's village, believed to be sacred for being moved by The Kian. Priests and Priestesses touched this pile in hopes of insight.

  • Interacting with an Altar causes Survivors to lose a health state, or enter deep wound.

"Reach for it, place only a finger upon it, we do not wish to upset The Mighty Kian." - Priestess Sehkmet

Tainted Gold: A chest of gold with a black aura connected to it. The treasure was thrown out for being cursed by non-believers.

  • Survivors experience a 3% penalty to repairing, healing, cleansing, and blessing speeds for each Phantom they have.

"They have tainted our gold, what else have they touched, what else will they taint?" - Priestess Sehkmet


Sacred Texts: The sacred texts refer to The Mighty Kian, a god of absolute power. These set texts are made from a glass forged from the fog. They fill the reader with power and strength.

  • Survivors can no longer be Accursed.
  • Start the Trial with Usurper active for 45 seconds.
  • Only 1 Altar will spawn in the center of the trial.
  • The Altar will slowly gain Phantoms as the trial progresses (1 Phantom every 45 seconds) and placing a Survivor onto the hook will add one Phantom to the Altar.

"The Kian is no false god, and it is you non-believers who will suffer!" - Abrax Badawi

Abrax's Brain: The brain of The Pharaoh, was removed during the mummification process whilst preparing the tomb.

  • While Usurper is active, windows are revealed to you
  • While Usurper is active, windows can be blocked by the Entity.

"Oh Great Abrax, how different it would be if you stood with us today." - Bestet Badawi

Killer Attire:

Weapon: Shattered Mastery - A weapon Abrax once held dear, now broken to pieces after his end. Now it is a tool for vengeance.

Body: Mummification - The risen body of Abrax, brought from death to serve The Kian once more.

Head: Tomb Walker - The face of this once proud Pharaoh is now filled with the stench of death and decay.

Weapon: Vitalized Mastery - The blade of an Egyptian Prophet now forged as one, the Blight sealing each shard together.

Body: Necromancy - The corpse of this great Pharaoh now has organs, remade by the Blight Serum.

Head: Reborn Legend - Abrax Badawi, given new life by the Blight Serum, with a face of anger to the pain of his god.

New Survivor: Kissa Rashad

Kissa Rashad made her first discovery as a child, falling into a tomb unbeknownst to anyone. Kissa explored the tomb on her own, with no way out. The walls were made of stone with strange pictures. Kissa hears voices outside, but something calls her to continue adventuring forward.

She finds herself wandering through a hallway, with some sort of light at the end. Upon entering the room, she notices the source of the light, a small torch held in the hands of a mummified corpse. The sight made her scream and soon after she was taken from the tomb.

As she became older, she began to trespass onto the tomb's property to go back, to explore more. While on the premises, she began to read the notes of the explorers that went down and eventually began to understand what the hieroglyphics meant.

Upon becoming an adult, Kissa became an archeologist and graduated at the top of her class. It took months for her to start exploring the unseen ruins of the Aztecs or uncovered Sumerian dungeons. In thirty years, Kissa had made a name for herself, held as an icon of exploration and adventures, with even movies being made about her.

When a pyramid hidden under sixty feet of sand was discovered, she took everything and returned to her homeland. Upon reaching the site, she and four close friends of hers were introduced to the tomb. No one had gone in and the only entrance was the tip. Kissa took note that it was very odd for a pyramid of any kind to be left unfinished.

It was often humored, but curses were real, and she knew that all too well. Could this spirit be restless? She truly hoped not, and even considered abandoning the tomb altogether. But her curiosity got the better of her, and she rappeled down into the tomb. The interior was beautiful, the gold, silver, weapons, and columns were put in just a way to be marveled at.

As her friends descended, Kissa noted nothing out of the ordinary. It must mean that whoever was laid to rest left a long time ago. But all this treasure, these tombs which carry tons of riches, this was no ordinary high-class citizen, this was a full-on Pharaoh. But looking around, there's clearly no tomb for them, could there be another floor below?

Kissa leads her team through the tomb, finding a set of staircases leading down. Through a winding corridor, the team finds a large room with a large mound of sand in the center. The hole in the pyramid, perhaps all the sand seeped down here? The sight confused Kissa as she walked closer, but a shout from her team got her to jump back. Right above the doorway into the tomb, a black smoke fell and spread across the floor.

Kissa tripped backwards and the smoke billowed over her. Quickly, she stood up and checked her body, but nothing. Her breathing was fine, but if it was long-term damage, she didn't want to find out the hard way. She turns to her team, deciding to come back after they found out she was alright, but they were gone. Kissa looked up and down the corridor, but no sign.

Then a high tone interrupted her thoughts. The language was something she never heard, but she didn't like it. The voice began to chant a beautiful melody, as a group of low-voiced men began to chant something else, striking something as they chanted.

Turning back to the tomb, the mound of sand is gone. As the chants grow louder Kissa notices gold inscriptions, something about a god named Kian. The name was unfamiliar, the Kian, there was no god like it. In the center of the room Kissa notices a mummified woman, her arms barely held together by rotting flesh, standing above an obsidian and gold sarcophagus.

The woman sings the chant and Kissa notes that there are mummified soldiers lining the walls of the tomb. Was this the curse? The mummified woman gracefully touches the sarcophagus, making it rumble. A pair of spider-like tendrils lift the sarcophagus off of the floor so that whatever was inside would open and simply walk out.

Someone takes her by the arm and drags her from the entrance of the tomb. She turned to them, believing it was her team, but it wasn't. She saw a nerdy guy in glasses, wearing a white, faded button-up shirt with a tie. He held a finger to his lips and guided her over... to a car engine? What is going on?

Survivor Perks:

Explorer's Intinct: Take some time to think of where you've been, your way out is your way back.

  • Pallets and window locations will be permanently revealed to you after walking within 12 | 14 | 16 meters of them.
  • When the state of the pallet or window changes (Pallets being dropped or destroyed | Windows being blocked) the aura will disappear
  • Explorer's Instinct grants the ability to rummage through an open chest once per trial and guarantees a basic map

"Don't run into the unknown, run back to a place you know is safe." - Kissa Rashad

Boon: Inspection: A boon that helps others take note of their surroundings.

  • Press and hold the Active Ability Button on a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem.
  • Soft chimes ring out in a radius of 24 meters
  • All Survivors benefit from the following effects while inside the range of the Boon Totem's radius:
    • Auras of all interactable objects are revealed within 2 | 3 | 4 meters of the Surivor's position. This effect lasts for 2 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem's range. This distance cannot be enhanced.
  • Only one Totem can be blessed by your Boon Perks at a time and all of their effects are active on the same Boon Totem.

"Just slow down, maybe everything is here, we just have to look around." - Kissa Rashad

Fearless: Stand up and move forward.

  • Whenever the Killer misses an attack within 6 meters of your position, gain 1 token.
  • When stunning the Killer by any means, gain 11% | 13% | 15% haste effect for 5 seconds for every token gained

"Come on, we're not dead yet!" - Kissa Rashad

Survivor Attire:

Head: Kissa Rashad - A natural explorer and inspiration for many young heroes

Body: Adventurous Spirit - The clothes of an experienced explorer with everything required for an unprecedented journey.

Legs: Muddy Boots - A pair of muddy boots and long pants, the adventure never ends.

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