If 2v8 mode was a thing , which killer duo/ map combos would be scary/funny/useless to you ?

Double the map size , two killers , 8 survivors and 14 gens (10 to complete).

As stated in the title which killer duos would be something you would not wish to face and on which map most ?

Which two would have the worst synergy ?

Which two would make the game very funny ?

Post your opinions below.

Trapper and Hag on MacMillan would be a minefield :P , two blights on Midwich would be the train hallways .



  • FreddyVoorhees
    FreddyVoorhees Member Posts: 289

    I think that it would be difficult for a single killer to defend against 8 players. Gens would fly too quickly. Perhaps your own hex only applies to your own killer ? Not to mention a pool of 32 survivor perks in a single game would be quite a challenge to face against if done right.

  • Dustin
    Dustin Member Posts: 2,123
    edited September 20

    That's what I'm thinking too in a 2v8 - Yes pure chaos can be fun but realistically what's going to happen is you'll have killers constantly downing people with survivors unable to pick people up due to their buddy being nearby and on the other end of the spectrum survivors will eat through generators while the distractions instantly die.

    I just feel various gamemodes limiting to 6 people could be more ideal which is why in my mind a CTF gamemode with a smaller pool of players is more viable.

    Don't get me wrong - I want more gamemodes and would actually prefer a 2v8 - I just feel BHVR's resources are spread thin right now given the balance of the live game takes forever to address.

    I'd love for the OG killers to be the only options in a gamemode like that though - Trapper and Hillbilly to me sounds like a lot of fun but I also don't want to see them bullied.

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,074

    Myers strikes me as a god here whoever he is paired with: -

    • 80 points of stalk on the table.
    • More survivors to find for stalk.
    • Global exposed when in Tier 3.

    If you combine him with someone like Spirit.... Yeesh...

  • caipt
    caipt Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 401

    Scary: Double nurse. Two coordinated and high level nurse players could easily double blink to down a survivor in effectively one hit. granted if 2v8 did exist its likely you couldnt high a survivor more than once within a certain time frame. Also, Blight+Larry. Larry feeds him detailed info, and he acts on it at light speed.

    Funny: wesker with a stealth build+distressing and a stealth killer by his side. whos terror radius is that? how far are they? is the stealth killer hiding in their terror radius???? confusion.

  • FreddyVoorhees
    FreddyVoorhees Member Posts: 289

    Given that 2v8 was a thing for a while now in a private server dbd , you can check some youtube videos of Myers teaming up with Ghostface on Larry's. It's quite fun as they worked as a team :P

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,074
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    Hah! Any sneaky characters can be so mean with the exposure. Even Pig would be mad just standing up near a gen and doing the Obi Wan Kenobi "Hello There!" xD

    Freddy-Myers for that exposed/oblivious global effect seems especially disgusting xD

  • DragonMasterDarren
    DragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,649
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    For funny, I feel like Singularity and Blight would be pretty hysterical

    Use the biopods for cross map surveillance, tell the Blight "Hey there's someone on the gen here", and watch your bud run at mach 6 towards them

  • HugTechLover
    HugTechLover Member Posts: 2,318

    2 high hour blight mains, alch ring + iri tag, infectious fright and distressing. This would be a nutty combo.

  • Farya
    Farya Member Posts: 94
    edited September 20

    That would make a funny ingame event once or twice a year! Totally imbalanced but something you could try out just4fun. 1v4 matches of course should not be turned off, while the event lasts. Just make it optional.

    Myers + Ghostface would be a combo I would love to see as a Survivor. For the killer side, I would love to team up my Pig with Sadako or Freddy, or my Hag with Trapper.

    And imagine all Surv take same Character/Cosmetics. Like 8 times blendette or smth like that.

  • DredgeyEdgey
    DredgeyEdgey Member Posts: 1,227

    Useless would be clown and hag

    Best would be nurse and doctor

    Insane would be blight and Billy

    scary would be ghost face and wraith

    Annoying would be onryero and pin head

    Bad would be pyrmidhead and deathslinger

  • James4125
    James4125 Member Posts: 265

    Just imagine 2 skull merchants with 2 different 3 gens... 🥶

  • katoptris
    katoptris Member Posts: 2,867

    Doc with Myers is asking for trouble.

  • Blue_Archer33
    Blue_Archer33 Member Posts: 314

    Two GhostFaces on Haddonfield would essentially just be a reenactment of the original Scream 🤣

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 3,375

    I would be curious to see the Chainsaw Bros in action. Iri Flesh Bubba and Lo-Pro Billy sounds like an interesting duo to me.

    Another nutty combo would be Plague and Oni. One of them is going to screw you no matter what.

    Some part of me also wants to see 2 Freddies.

  • Exerlin
    Exerlin Member Posts: 1,352

    Twins + Hag

    Just try to imagine, it hurts

  • pseudechis
    pseudechis Member Posts: 3,543
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    Trapper plus anybody, you keep trapping your buddy without clear communication.

    "Dammit Chuckles... here?... you had to put a trap here?"

  • RaSavage42
    RaSavage42 Member Posts: 5,370

    Doctor and Legion- Just annoyance all the way around

    Spirit and Oni- Great great great Grandfather and Daughter

    Hillbilly and Bubba- Twin Chainsaws... enough said

    Pig and Pyramid Head- RBT's and Cages

    Deathslinger and Huntress- Guns V Hatchets

    Huntress and Nurse- Hatchet and Blinks (Combos for days)

    Pig and Ghostface- Teabagging Duo

    Wesker and Nemesis- RE Duo

    Any Range Killer and any M1 Killer

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 8,149

    I've always wanted to see Freddy and Nurse with their old powers. That would've been a hell of a team.

  • WilliamSN
    WilliamSN Member Posts: 524

    I could see killers with built in slowdown mechanics being extremely good combos.

    Sadako + xeno imo would be the most obnoxious combo by far , IF they could interact with eachothers counter (xeno hits surv with tape, tape destroys, sadako hits turrets to remove it etc).

    If you dont do TVs and try to set up turrets sadako can just mori you outright, if you attempt to do TVs instead of turrets, xeno will be left as a chase monster and just slap the tape out of your hands and hook you.

  • Im_not_toxic
    Im_not_toxic Member Posts: 161

    Death slinger and a chainsaw killer.

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,225

    Plague and Spirit. Either you stay sick and give easy downs to Spirit, or you give Plague her red puke, which is brutal against multiple people.

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,074

    Ooooof, that's god damn brutal xD

    So brutal in fact, I have nothing more contribute, just that the pain I imagined was so strong I needed to post this reaction 🤣

  • LucaDuca11
    LucaDuca11 Member Posts: 14

    Doctor and freddy to do the fake doctor build but better. Freddy makes them oblivious and then the doctor just stands still and blends in with the illusions to get free hits

  • Predated
    Predated Member Posts: 2,822

    Not only that, Myers that has Tombstone +3 PWYF stacks, together with Clown that has Garish Make Up Kit and Cigar Box.

    He can literally give both killers aura reading, plus Myers running at basically Legion speeds(PWYF gets you to roughly 120%, while the boost from Clown gets you to roughly 130%). If both would run Lethal Pursuer(assuming the effect stacks), you have Clown downing tons of people while Myers kills off 3 people.

    The only downside at first is that Myers takes a longer time to stalk up, but Lethal Pursuer alone would give away plenty of ways of gaining stalk early on.

    Spirit would be nasty, sure, but Spirit would still need to find survivors.

    It's honestly terrifying how powerful lower tier killers are if their powers are combined with any other lower tier killer.

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 1,612

    For the busted idea: Pig + Nurse. Strong slowdown on top of op chase. Trapps can be put at 5 gens no problem. Also.... Your not getting that trap off...

    For funny : Hag and trapper. No Bush will be safe.

    Useless: two Freddie's.

  • Predated
    Predated Member Posts: 2,822

    Honestly, I think 2 Freddies could be incredibly nuts. You cant trust any pallet and you're slowed down at every move, while 1 Freddy can constantly teleport to gens.

    I think 2 Wraiths would be useless tho, the only somewhat decent use is one camping basement and bodyblocking while the other would bring in new victims with scourge hooks (assuming Scourge Monstrous Shrine only applies to the one bringing it in).

    Maybe when on comms you can do some nasty plays by bodyblocking during chase, but then you have 7 survivors doing gens with 2 killers focussed on 1 survivor, and that's kinda mediocre.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 727

    would 2 nemesis have 4 zombies?

    if not 1 nemesis, and 1 wesker or 1 turkey, and 1 nightmare or 2 ghostface or 2 shapes.

    anyways this would be the only gamemode i play on for a while

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,225

    Thinking about it more, Legion might actually be better since he's facing 8 ppl. Would make chaining hits REALLY easy.

  • JPLongstreet
    JPLongstreet Member Posts: 4,720

    There's no way there could be two Nemesis killers because the game cannot run a third Zombie, let alone four of them.

  • Raptorrotas
    Raptorrotas Member Posts: 3,076

    Debuff killers might be a good support. Plague and doc come to mind.

    Blight and nurse worth mentioning cuz its the top killers. You dont need synergy if you both are strong killers and know what you're doing.

    Wesker/doctor plus any stealth/low terror radius killer. If you're stuck hearing the big terror radius you'll not notice the small one.

    I played some IdentityV duo hunters and most often its better to split up instead of focusing the same survivor (that gamemode in that game had a pretty good camping rule: when a surv is first hooked they wouldnt be unhookable for 30 secs but didnt progress sacrifice in the same time)

  • FFirebrandd
    FFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,398

    Legion + Oni

    Legion gets easy injuries everywhere and creates tons of blood pools by forcing injured survivors to mend, then Oni does Oni things to everyone. And Legion can hook the slugs for Oni.

  • Coffeechipmunk
    Coffeechipmunk Member Posts: 3

    I stand by Pinhead/Pig being the most oppressive combo for a 2v8. Can't get your helmets off if you keep getting chained!

  • ChaosWam
    ChaosWam Member Posts: 289

    Sadako/Wesker would probably be nerve wracking.

    Wesker's large TR would mask Sadako's lullaby in most cases, as well as survivors needing to drop a tape somewhere to cleanse Oroboros.

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,225

    Only downside is the number of helmets. Not enough for all survivors.

  • Huge_Bush
    Huge_Bush Member Posts: 4,482

    Wraithcar and Myers. Wraith chases people off of gens until Myers gets unlimited tier 3. Then Wraith just body blocks survivors from one side and Myers comes and either insta-down or moris the survivors from the other side.

  • Wampirita
    Wampirita Member Posts: 785

    Doctor with Clown or Freddy, how annoying it would be

  • UnknownKiller
    UnknownKiller Member Posts: 2,996

    Deadslinger with any killer.Just harpoon him and the other killer start hitting it till dying state

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,291

    A dirty one might be Pyramid Head and the Xenomorph.

    If tormented and downed, Pyramid Head sends the survivor to a cage which will be fairly clear as to where it goes, then the Xenomorph uses the tunnel to get there to intercept saves or quickly down the survivor.

    Of course, you'd need to torment first, but otherwise it's quick.

    For the non-licensed killers, I'd say The Singularity and The Blight. The Singularity plants pods everywhere without need to teleport, but merely observe, so The Blight knows exactly where to go quickly amd end survivors.

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,074
    edited September 23

    Trapper and fixed Xeno would be plain demonic.

    Trap all the turret console stations with iri add-on that wounds when you disarm traps... especially now he's a zoomy boi after setting each trap xD

    Now that I think about it, that's pretty evil with the Pig too 😳

  • Ghouled_Mojo
    Ghouled_Mojo Member Posts: 2,246

    Trapper and pig would be funny. Trap on the foots. Trap on the head. 😂

    traps in front of the jigsaw boxes. Heads will pop.

  • ironligma
    ironligma Member Posts: 109

    Oni and legion would certainly be wild, or oni and plauge.

    Tombstone Myers and slinger would be so funny

  • HoodedWildKard
    HoodedWildKard Member Posts: 2,012

    Nemesis and wesker would be funny together because resident evil. Plus there would be so many supply cases scattered about and the empty syringes and spray cans would pile up.

    Ghostface + wraith would be very stress inducing.

    Doctor + skull merchant no gens would get done ever.

    Deathslinger + hag because cue banjo music

    Billy + bubba because chainsaw go Brrrrr

    Trapper and any other killer because the other killer would step in traps constantly 😂 clown would be funniest, top tier comedy duo

    Demon + alien because release the hounds

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,074
    edited September 24

    I'd love to play a game vs. the super chainsaw brothers. Is that chainsaw in the distance a Bubba chasing a friend, or Billy charging at you full boar? xD

    We haven't had many useless combos...

    Legion has quite a few anti synergies, Deathslinger, Plague, Shape, Ghost Face... you kind of have to work around everyone else's power rather than your own.

    Huntress/Trickster don't go well with GF/Myers. Hatchets and Knives are affected by add-ons. I suppose Nurse is also bad with the Stalkie Bois as well.

  • SirCracken
    SirCracken Member Posts: 1,414

    Double Knight.

    It would be such chaotic fun to have 4 killers chasing survivors at once!

  • HoodedWildKard
    HoodedWildKard Member Posts: 2,012

    Omg if they did the billy bubba combo they could both get horror theme mario and luigi costumes 🤣