Looking for 2 teammates

Looking for 2 decent teammates to play with me and my cousin we're in Iridescent 4 survivor grade and keep getting teammates that either quit or don't do anything the entire game. PS5 preferably


  • 2Chase2
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    Hello i would like to play since i'm always solo queuing which sucks.I am on PC so i don't know if i can play? Hopefully you see this message. My user is ӧChaseӧ just copy and paste it. Also i will probably need your user since you wont able to type those symbols on PS5 not to sure?

  • garrettk00
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    My DBD thing is #abee, we can always run discord on my computer while we play. I'll add you on discord as well.

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  • Swiftie_RN
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    I play on ps5 and I'm sick of the same ######### as you lol my PSN is Swiftie_RN