Killer Idea: The Botanist/ The Gardener

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killer idea: the gardener/the botanist, in terms of lore you could say that she was experimenting with creating plants that could grow faster or have cool features or something but then she accidently made some big carnivorous plants that attacked her.

Her design could either be like a mad scientist type or maybe poison ivy-esc. power could be the ability to grow plants around the map, maybe the longer the plants are around for the bigger they get and the more stuff they could do, like eventually attack survivors in a short range, or maybe vines that wrap around gens and block them for a short time. I think the overall atmosphere should be that the map gets progressively more and more overgrown as the match goes on, and she has huge snowball potential for late game as when her plants grow and spread, this gives her a lot more pressure and presence on the map.

in terms of map, you could do either her lab, complete with broken equipment and vines everywhere similar to Hawkins, or you could do like a big garden with one of those massive Victorian style greenhouses in it.

mori could be she jams some seeds into the survivors stomach or mouth and they rapidly grow, either causing their head to burst and be replaced with a big bloody flower, or maybe they get encased/petrified in some sort of small tree.

if you've bothered to read this big wall of text, I'd like to know your thoughts, who knows, maybe if people like this idea and it gains traction, behaviour might take some inspiration. feel free to share you're thoughts 😊