Were the Nurse's Aka, Sally's Actions Justified?

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Question in the title.

Of course, the honest awnser to the question would be: "No."

To me however, im conflicted.

I would like to see what everyone else's spin on the Situation is.

I read through her Tome and to me it just seems like even through all the Horrible Things that took Place of the Asylum, she tried to supress it and still be sympathetic towards others.

As we saw with the Anxious Girl.

Until she then gets manipulated by the Broken Woman whilst she's under a tremendous Amount of Stress.

Listening to her as she is seemingly the only patience that whilst Extremely Mad,

has anything to say of value to her.

She tells Sally that the People are "Sick" and need to be "Cleansed",

which as we saw doesn't fit Sally's Morals and which she ignores considering her thought is that No one is a Burden and Deserves to be treated equally.

However, after having a brutal Dream and being confronted with her Life of the Asylum, she begins to break.

I also wonder if that Dream was Done by the Entity which would mean that it is one of the Reasons she did those actions in the first place.

She then looks around the Patients and becomes sure of it. The Asylum needs to be cleansed and so her tome ends with going to the Broken Woman and gathering her first kill.

The Broken Woman is also a interesting Character to me. Two Diffrent Eye Colours? A Big amount of Knowledge?

Perhaps she was once in the Entity Realm herself as a Killer but was later on released and then put into the Asylum?

This would explain why Sally was targeted and chosen in the first place and would also make her kind of a Person that got manipulated by everyone into doing all these horrible killings.


  • Marc_go_solo
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    As "justified" is meaning "having a good reason for something", I would say no.

    Sally was badly manipulated and broken by the asylum she was in. The dream crushed her entirely and she became fixated on cleansing the asylum. That's not a good reason - that's her being unable to think reasonably. There was no cleansing needed, the patients did not want to die and the only motove for her was corrupted. So I'd have to say her actions were unjustified.

    However, that's not to say that her deeds were not understandable. Understandable isn't the same as justified though.