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Killer idea: The Aquanaut

WeaverReaver42 Member Posts: 210

Rusty anchor: an anchor from a long ago sunken ship, it was modified and used as a hook to hold bait to catch the Aquanaut and drag them from its home.

Appearance: A fish-man hybrid. Scales covering the body, with bloody gills along the chest looking almost like slash wounds. He has webbed fingers and toes. Wears a bloody fishing outfit from the fisherman that took him in.

Power: Puddle and pierce

Pierce: Start the trial with a single spear trap, which can be replaced at any locker. Can place a maximum of 6 spear traps. These traps cannot be in range of a generator or hook. When a survivor gets within 16 meters of a spear trap, it fires. If the spear trap hits the survivor they scream and are injured. If they are already injured, they gain deep wounds and scream. After the trap has fired once, it can then be reloaded or destroyed and replaced. Spear traps have higher accuracy on hindered survivors.

Puddle: When standing still for more than 5 seconds, create a puddle 10 meters in diameter up to a maximum of 5 puddles. These puddles last for 120 seconds. Survivors who walk over this puddle are hindered for 5% until they escape the puddle. If a survivor is deep wounded and touches the puddle, then their deep wound progression jumps up 10% even if running. For every second a survivor stands on a puddle with deep wounds, progress jumps by another 5%.


Raincoat: After creating a puddle, gain a haste bonus of 5% for 7 seconds.

Piranha: double the progression of deep wounds for standing on a puddle.

Rusted spear: spear traps can fire twice before needing to be reloaded or destroyed, they cannot fire their second shot until 20 seconds after the first.


Hex: Nervous prey- Create 2 hex totems, each hex totem belongs to 2 survivors which can see the aura of their designated totem within 45 meters. While the hex totem is active, the survivors connected to the totem make scratch marks even while walking for 5 seconds every 30 seconds.

Scourge hook: blood in the Water- When hooking a new survivor on a scourge hook, gain a token. For every token, you gain 1% movement speed per injured survivor.

Invigorating hunt: every time you break a pallet or vault while in chase, gain a token up to 3 tokens. For every token, gain 5% extra speed on breaking pallets and vaulting windows.

Lore: It had known only hunger. It had feasted on anything, no concept of innocence, guilt, or even love. Man and animal alike were his prey. Until it met him. Dragged to shore by an old fisherman, he was shown mercy in a moment of weakness. From there, the fisherman took care of the creature. Sated it's hunger with the excess catches, gave it clothes and sanctuary, even taught it concepts like language and kindness. When the townsfolk caught wind of the fisherman harboring a strange creature, they resorted to anger and violence. The monster had hidden the whole time, sure that the man would make the scary noises go away. When it saw his corpse, it knew something far more real than kindness. Hatred. He hadn't taught the creature the concept of revenge, but he hadn't needed to. It slaughtered the people, leaving them in tatters. All except the fisherman's corpse. It terrorized the town for four days and five nights, until not a soul remained in the town. What became of the creature is unknown. All that remains at the site of the massacre is a collection of broken buildings and an unmarked grave, with an inscription. "A good fisherman, a greater man".

The theming might be all over the place, but I wanted to get this idea down while it was fresh in my mind.