Is Benedict Baker + his journal still canon?

frickingnick Member Posts: 3

Benedict was a survivor in DBD that wrote extra little entries on all the survivors and killers up until Clown’s release. BHVR has since scrubbed most, if not all, of his stuff. I’m just not sure if that implies a retcon or if it’s the world’s slowest-burning ARG. Thoughts?


  • huxenjoyer92
    huxenjoyer92 Member Posts: 19

    BHVR has a weird thing about retconning some lore for characters and rewriting it. I don't think it's fully canon anymore, but Baker's descriptions probably hinted at something more of background lore until the writers could flesh out the characters with Tome releases.

    So yes, and then no. At least until a Killer or Survivor gets a Tome.