Official Dead by Daylight subreddit?

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Are there any plans to make any official subreddit for Dead by Daylight? I am aware the forums exist, but I believe the current unofficial subreddit is more active. That being said, it is not better by any means: the mods there currently frequently remove things that they simply disagree with, and have told people to unalive themselves before. With a formal subreddit, not only would more voices be heard by the devs, but fewer bad actors in positions of power would stop discussion.


  • GroßusSchmiedus
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    Not trying to defend them, its the last thing i'd like to do because the mere thought of a Reddit mod invokes thoughts in me that would get me banned really damn quick if i posted just a fraction of it here. Just the things you get from people who take responsibility without compensation outside of charities. But can you post evidence cause some of that are quite the accusations.