New Chapter Idea: A Hexed Existence

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New Killer: The Warlock

A magical killer, The Warlock is able to put spells on survivors and himself to boost his abilities and hinder and debilitate survivors. His unique perks Hex: Coveted Knowledge, Haunting Pursuit, and Mystic Sense, allow him to isolate survivors, confuse survivors, and locate them with his arcane abilities.

The Warlock's teachable perks:

Hex: Coveted Knowledge:

You search for the illuminating truth with a single-minded determination.

  • At the start of the trial, three Coveted Knowledge totems are created. When a survivor cleanses a Coveted Knowledge totem, that survivor can not have their aura seen by the other survivors, and the aura of the cursed survivor will be revealed every 15 seconds to the killer. Both effects are removed upon being hooked.

"I have searched and searched for the meaning of those scriptures, but I have yet to truly search deeply"-Page. 9 of Cedrik's codex.

Haunting Pursuit:

You leave a lasting impression on those you touch deeply.

  • After leaving a chase with a survivor that you damaged, and staying out of chae with them for 10 seconds, this perk activates. That survivor will hear a fake distant terror radius until you begin another chase with them.

"Many people have always despised me, though I pay no deep attention to their grievances. I have much greater work ahead"-Page. 147 of Cedrik's codex.

Mystic Sense:

With an eye like no other, they have no chance to escape.

  • After hooking a survivor, you gain a token. Press the second active ability button to consume a token. After consuming a token, you see all scratch marks previously left by survivors across the entire match for 8 seconds.

"The images, the freakish legs, they drive me mad, but still I feel that they guide me to something greater. They will guide us all one day."-Unmarked note from what is believed to be Cedrik's codex.

Power: Arcane Awakening

"Born with a rare gift that allowed him great respect and fear, The Warlock uses these talents to further his macabre goals"

At the start of the trail, four runes are placed around the map and begin deactivated, but activate after 30 seconds. While a rune is active, it grants an effect to The Warlock, with each of the four granting a unique benefit, and glowing a unique color.

  • The Heightening rune, which glows white, highlights all survivors with a white aura to The Warlock (like survivors in nightfall)
  • The Strengthening rune, which glows red, allows The Warlock to break pallets and breakable walls 20% faster
  • The Silencing rune, which glows light blue, quiets the noises The Warlock makes and decreases his terror radius by 8 meters
  • The Quickening rune, which glows yellow, grants The Warlock a 4% haste effect

However, survivors can disturb activated runes in a short mini-game, where the survivors must match the four colors together (think wire game in Among Us). After disturbing the rune, the effect is lost for The Warlock but causes the rune to become a Curse, with each rune becoming a different curse that afflicts the survivor.

  • The Heightening rune becomes the Blinding curse, glowing black and causing survivors to be unable to see beyond 28 meters (again, like nightfall)
  • The Strengthing rune becomes the Weakening curse, which glows maroon and slows survivors' repair speed by 20%
  • The Silencing rune becomes the Deafening curse, glowing a dark blue and causing the survivor to suffer from the Oblivious status effect, leaving them vulnerable
  • The Quickening rune becomes the Hindering curse, glowing a sickly green and causing the survivor to become 5% slower.

A survivor afflicted by a curse is unable to disturb another rune, and the effect for each lasts 100 seconds before being removed. The Warlock can determine which survivor is afflicted with each curse by viewing the HUD survivor portraits. Also, The Warlock will have parts on his chest that will glow the color of each rune when it is active, alerting survivors to which runes are in use. After the curse ends the rune becomes deactivated, and The Warlock must interact with the rune to reactivate it.

Special Ability: Momentary Affliction

Press the active ability button to raise the staff, slowing The Warlock down. While the staff is raised The Warlock is able to cast a spell in front of him for a short distance. This does not go through collision. When a survivor is hit with the spell they are afflicted by one of the possible effects.

  • 5% slower vaulting speed
  • The survivor will block the next window they vault
  • If a pallet is vaulted within 14 seconds of the spell being cast, the pallet will break
  • The survivor will scream
  • Become Exhausted for 3 seconds
  • Becoming blind for 20 seconds
  • A 5% chance of becoming exposed for 15 seconds (this is by far the least likely to occur)

The survivor will be alerted to which effect they are hit with. If hit by a spell while an affliction is active, no effect will occur.

Add-ons for Arcane Awakening:


Dried Hay: In his early years, Cedrik would experiment with whatever he came across, no matter how mundane.

  • Increases range of the staff spells by 2 meters

Small Trophy: Before his darker actions, the village admired the boy for his unique abilities.

  • Increases vaulting speed penalty by 2% for afflicted survivors

City Cobblestone: A trophy of his from one of his first visits to the gleaming paradise of Mongdun.

  • The Area of Effect from Momentary Affliction is visible

String Bracelet: This dinky trinket belonged to the previous tenet of Cedrik's workshop. He was never seen again.

  • Increases terror radius deduction from the Silencing rune by 2 meters


Mayor's Decree: A decree demanding the arrest of Cedrik, forcing him to flee his hometown

  • Adds 1 extra row in the disturbing mini-game

Glowing Mushroom: A rare breed of mushroom found only in the woodlands around his village of Ottingshire. A staple of his early creations

  • Increases haste effect from the Quickening rune by 2%

Potion Vial: The vial used for the creation of his runes and potions. Despite it's worn-down state, it holds value to The Warlock

  • Decreases the time for runes to activate at the start of the trial by 5 seconds

Original Satchel: One of the first gifts given to him as a child, it became his favorite toy, beloved by him even after its destruction

  • Increases rune reactivation speed by 20%

Lump of Coal: A lump of coal used to keep him warm in the freezing winters of the land

  • Increases strength of the Hindering curse by 3%
  • Hindering curse now only affects survivors when injured


Experimental Potion: Using his inner power, Cedrik created this volatile potion. However, the village children did not take well to it.

  • Increases strength of the Weakening curse by 5%

Inky Feather Pen. The pen used to write in his parchment notebook, where his thoughts and feelings came to life.

  • Whenever a rune is disturbed by a survivor, gain the undetectable status effect for 20 seconds

Knight's Helmet: When the Mayor's men and the King's men found him, he would ensure that they would not stop him.

  • Increases Strengthening rune breaking speed by 8%

Crushed Exotic Flowers: Flowers stolen from a market vendor in Mongdun, not put to good use

  • Increases the time survivors are cursed by 10 seconds

Travelers Longsword: The weapon of one of the earliest tests of his abilities

  • Decreases the vision radius of survivors suffering from the Blinding curse by 6 meters

Very Rare

Ruin Stone: Stone from the ruins not far from his workshop and home. He used it for decoration at first, but later used it to further his abilities

  • When interacting with an active curse, The Warlock can choose to end the curse immediately to reactive the rune

King's Crown: The bloodied crown of the monarch that demanded Cedrik's execution. A symbol of his wit and tenacity

  • When a survivor recovers from a curse, see their aura for 6 seconds

Workshop Key: The key to his Workshop and private domicile, it was hidden in the most discrete of places

  • When chasing a survivor with a curse, the slow down from raining the staff is decreased by 30%

Experimental Rune: The first rune used by Cedrik, with the goal of increasing the range of his abilities. While it achieved its goal, the side effects turned him off from it's use

  • The effect of all runes last for an additional 7 seconds after being disturbed.

Ultra Rare

Carnivores Plant Fibers: Traces of a plant that Cedrik's mother had come into contact with days before his birth. It drips a strange orange fluid.

  • The colors of the runes and curses are changed
  • The Strengthening rune becomes white.
  • The Silencing rune becomes red
  • The Quickening rune becomes light blue
  • The Heightening rune becomes yellow
  • This shift applies to the curses as well

"My mother always would blame that stupid plant. But I am beginning to agree"-Page. 98 of Cedrik's codex

Irredecent Codex: The book where Cedrik poured his deepest introspections and thoughts onto parchment, recreated for him in the realm of the Entity.

  • For the last 20 seconds of the curse, a cursed survivor will suffer from all four curse effects

"Thank you great one, thank you"-Cedrik of Ottingshire.

New Survivor: Lukas of Mongdun

A heroic knight who served his monarchy with undying loyalty, Lukas fights to save those he can in the realm of the Entity. His three teachable perks, Die as Befits, True Believer, and Heroic Soul

Die as Befits

You go out on your own terms, no matter what

  • After being hooked, all other survivors gain the endurance status effect for 25 seconds. This effect is lost, or never gained, if a survivor performs a conspicuous action.

"For my honor and the honor of my lord, I shall deliver you"-Lukas of Mongdun

True Believer

You refuse to give in to despair, always staying hopeful

  • While injured, you recover from negative status effects 40% faster, and all other injured survivors recover from them 20% faster

"The Royal Guard is forbidden from desertion"-Lukas of Mongdun

Heroic Soul

You put your heart and soul towards helping others

  • While on your final hook stage, when you heal a survivor, that survivor's healing speed is increased by 5%. For every survivor they heal and the survivor after that, the healing speed is increased by 5% every time, as it switches survivors. This deactivates when you are sacrificed.

"I shall bow to no villain"-Lukas of Mongdun

New Map: Ottingshire Town Square

The cozy village in which Cedrik had grown up, before being driven out due to his actions. Stolen from his memories, the once peaceful place has been corrupted by his arcane powers, becoming a bizarre land of misshapen architecture, and horrific discoveries. Just away from the town square, lies The Warlock's workshop, with his studies and horrific actions in plain view.