What new "more depth to gameplay" feature do you want to be added to dbd ?

DBD has been playing safe with development since release 7 years ago. The gameplay loop is still the same and changes have not been monumental but rather smaller and incremental (like totems , endgame collapse etc).

So since I doubt that devs would dare risk it and add a major feature like a new game mode or something big, what would you wish that they add to the game without changing things too much ? What new feature could add more depth to dbd gameplay during the trial ? Maybe some random events that could give either side a chance and make both sides adapt to it ?

Post your ideas below.


  • kin
    kin Member Posts: 517

    more activities for survivors, say traps/make generators insufficient to open the gates and add something else, mandatory. More diverse and strong killers, too, could add depth, although it is almost impossible to do such in the current state of the game.

  • MB666
    MB666 Member Posts: 942
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    gen interactions tied to chests like searching parts and stuff ... if they refuse to give killer a early game mechanic.

    thats all i want for killer.

  • KateMain86
    KateMain86 Member Posts: 2,012

    I want a stamina bar for survivors and the ability to either roll dodge or run faster so long as you have the stamina for it.

  • pseudechis
    pseudechis Member Posts: 3,543

    A fear mechanic.

    The more you interact with the killer the more your fear goes up. If fear is to high there are some negative consequences, maybe inefficiency in tasks etc?

    Light sources tend to lessen fear, dark areas tend to increase it, or maybe +/- the rate you gain fear, basement is a big fear inducer.

    Being outside terror radius reduces it, being inside increases it, being in chase increases it faster, escaping from chase causes a massive reduction puts you in relief state making fear reduce quicker.

    Looking to incentivize survivors to flee/escape and hide from killers rather than run around the same rock 6 times.

    Maintain your health state, progress the objective but also manage your fear. Would make survivor so much more interesting than just sit on gen - loop- sit on gen - loop.

  • cburton311
    cburton311 Member Posts: 393
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    I want to reduce generator times and add a foraging for parts mechanic for survivors. This would increase map exploration and reduce sitting for minutes of m1 time each match. The killer should also have some time wasting things they need to do.

    Complete a ritual by collecting 4 survivors blood for some benefit. I dunno something that requires them to spread the damage around instead of camping and tunnelling. Camping and tunnelling should be removed from the game in a natural way, not heavy handed and somewhat clunky mechanics.

    Baked in perk benefits honestly are a terrible design. Make those earned effects. Killer completes the ritual they get some of the 6.1 patch benefits. Alternate killer activities encouraging engagement with all survivors, and survivors lose baked in borrowed time and anti face camping, etc Maybe survivors can gain those effects by ingame tasks, cleanse two totems to gain an endurance charge.

    I'm spitballing hear but you get the idea. These ideas may be terrible, but the purpose is to remove free benefits, and turn them into in game activities to alter the matches play. Everything being granted by perks isn't great. What does a survivor do in game to react to a killers skills or perks? It's too late to take calm spirit but allowing for in game tasks allows for more skillful play instead of rock paper scissors.

  • totallynotamegmain
    totallynotamegmain Member Posts: 441
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    Replace the generators with different types of objectives that each require some sort of item/cooperation to complete 5 of the many different objectives to open the exits. The objectifies and what the exits look like would be different per map. EX:2 buttons that require 2 different survivors to hold at the same time for 30 seconds to complete that objective, an exit being some sort of underground tunnel that is an exit

    basically make survivor objectives more then hold M1 on the same copy paste generator model and exit gates to make each match feel different

  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,592

    Some sort of early game mechanic that is optional, but very helpful if you complete it. My idea was kinda an "Entity Shrine" thing. Gens are 50% slower at the start of the match, but if you find a special item (5 in any given match) and bring it to the shrine, that penalty goes down by 10%.

    Numbers could always be adjustable and offers new gameplay without too significantly affecting the gameplay loop.

  • solarjin1
    solarjin1 Member Posts: 1,242

    i could imagine survivors rolling all over the got damn map trolling. That could be quite fun

  • CatnipLove
    CatnipLove Member Posts: 1,006

    Honestly, as much as I'd like BHVR to add some new mechanics to freshen up the gameplay, I think that the game is already deep enough that the skill floor for the game is too high for the average casual player.

    If something could be added safely, I would probably add a gen mechanic. Gens are the most boring part of the game.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,291

    1. More map-interractive elements, where both killer and survivor can set up distractions or small traps to gain the edge over the other.

    2. Different objectives, based on the map. For example, MacMillan may have generators to open the gates, but each realm has its own missions. As a rough idea, Lery's could be to do with experimenting on "patients" within the grounds, the swamp maps could have more magical or curse-related elements to create an incantation to escape, or Midwich could be a number of surreal puzzles. Would rrquire a lot of work, but then each trial would feel different.

    3. Effects, such as weather, which have an impact on killer or survivor in different ways.

    4. Gathering items within a trial which can be later used to create add-ons or items, both within the trial and outside of the trial. These items could even create effects not usually expected or newly developed for rare purposes, like a toolbox that can also be used to stun a killer by slamming it at them, or the Trapper can create a once-only use trap which launches at a nearby survivor, injuring them in the process.

  • KateMain86
    KateMain86 Member Posts: 2,012

    If it were a thing then survivors would have to manage their stamina to utilize it properly when it matters the most. I think it would be an excellent addition to survivors in giving them more ways to engage with the killer.

  • ratcoffee
    ratcoffee Member Posts: 634

    make survivors scream when you 2 emote them