Chase never starts with certain killers.

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Im on PC

Chase music never plays and you cannot get play with your food stacks either with this bug, also survivors can infinitely vault windows since you never "start" a chase with the survivor, even though i am right behind them. Once I hit the survivor the chase starts but shortly disappears after even if I'm right behind them.

This bug occurs as soon as you start a game with some type of stealth killer, example it happens a lot on myers, pig, huntress and trickster, haven't tried ghostface. I am not sure how to recreate the steps but it happens whenever I try to find a survivor which is when the bug occurs. Tier 1 Myers doesn't start the chase but after I get tier 2 I should've gotten the chase music happening but it never did. Sorry if this vague but this is the best I can describe this. This is a very annoying bug since survivors can infinitely vault windows and it never gets blocked by the entity and never gain bloodlust either.

This occurs every 2 to 3 matches I get to play as these killers.

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