In lobby: hide prestige levels to the killer, show it to the survs

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Suggestion: In lobby: hide prestige levels to the killer, show it to the survs

Otherwise please turn back prestige level max to tier 3 and refund all the guys that spent billions to get to 100.

thanks for reading😉


  • DaddyMyers_Mori
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    refund for what? just spending BP to get items and addons?

    They could simply make it settings...


    -show to all

    -hide for all

    -hide for killer

    Overall setting:

    -see / hide prestige of others

  • Shocke
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    it shouldnt be a setting, it should be equal to everybody in my opinion or it wouldnt be fair. I think the best thing would be as i wrote in the title to hide in the lobby the survs prestige level to the killer and to show the prestige level of the other teammates to survs. RN its already that survs cant see the killer prestige level. It would be fair to have the same thing so the killer cant see the survs prestige level.

  • ReverseVelocity
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    Why wouldn't that be fair? Everyone would have access to the option to hide their prestige level, they'd just get the ability to choose.

  • ReverseVelocity
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    If they made it so it just showed no prestige instead of a special icon for hidden prestiges then it'd be a lot harder to tell. It wouldn't be practical to dodge everyone with no prestige AND people with their prestige hidden.

  • DaddyMyers_Mori
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    so permanent settings is supposed to be more fair than letting everyone do what they want? Yeah, that makes sense...

  • Farya
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    I don't care if they make it so that only killer can't see it but survs can, or if they turn off until endgame completely.

    Only problem I think, is to make it an option. Because I agree to sizzlingmario4 on that:

    If it was an option, I think it might promote the idea that players who hide their prestige level are more likely to have some reason for wanting to hide it and regardless of whether that was the case or not, some players would dodge them as a result which is exactly what hiding prestige is trying to cut back on.

    Because hiding = very high level. At least in peoples mind. And I would think that as well tbh 😂 Not that I do lobby shopping by prestige, but that would be what I suspect of a player with optionally hidden prestige level.

  • CrypticGirl
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    It's about how other people react to your prestige level rather than whether you want to show it off.

    For example, if this setting were a thing, and you see someone with their prestige hidden, what would you do? Assume they're a P100 and dodge, or troll, bully, or tunnel them out?

  • DaddyMyers_Mori
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    there are two options, it's either too low or too high.

    I couldn't care less, because I would turn it off for everyone...

  • BubbaDredge
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    Great, so the killer can sit with the high-P survivors and wait while a dozen survivors dodge? I'm getting plenty of that now, I don't care for it.

    Survivors dodge high-P survivors so much it's getting on MY nerves, and I only play killer. I don't dodge, so I'm just sitting there forever because Feng spent 100 million points on the only character she plays. That's not much different from most of us. I have more, I play a lot so before long I'll have way more. I have P10 on killers I don't play at all, because that's how many BP the old system made me spend to unlock the perks. I would hate the idea of being dodged based on meaningless information, and that's what that is.

    If they leave it visible, it's a mistake to prestige beyond the norm.

    That's not cool. It's fun to do stuff like that. So what, someone loves Feng? That makes you scared to play? That's sad, especially for killer.

    But it's not a thing being caused by killers, it's being caused by a community that's somewhat cowardly. Stopping killers from doing this thing that's slowing down MY games is not an acceptable solution. No extra info until this community grows up.

  • Farya
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    Survivors dodge high-P survivors so much it's getting on MY nerves

    Survivors dodge high Prestige Survivors? Why? 🤔

  • xltechno
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    Many killers know that survivors with HIgh-p are far from progressive and may simply be incompetent people who continue to lazily devour BP.

    So hiding it only makes sense for novice killers who don't fully understand it.

  • Shocke
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    Since i have never seen survivors dodging lobbys in about 1300h i think its best to show to surv other survs prestige level in the lobby and hide it to the killer who could dodge the lobby.

    There is no reason to hide the prestige levels to survs, i agree its best to hide it to the killer but it makes no sense to hide it to survs

  • Archael
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    Hidden prestige lvl could instead of actual level, shows avarage of others in lobby. Or some other value, dependant on other players.

    Or maybe everyone would see same level as thiers.

  • Khylwch
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    Just my humble opinion....but if you have high prestige levels I am more likely to stay in the match because the high levels tend to drop Tirimisou and other great offerings. Now if you play games in the lobby or are running an awful sweaty group set up then maybe I send you to the back.

  • AmandaBunner
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    I know I'm necro-ing a thread from a while back but I was looking to see if this had been suggested because I've seen in my last few weeks of being back playing DBD, that all the P100 people I come across just get tunneled and there is just... An endless marathon of dodging before we finally get a game where they get then tunneled out of the game.

    Sometimes, they get tunneled and then the killer resumes playing as normal which is almost as bad as when there's a TTV who instantly gets tunneled at least the TTV is actively choosing to put that on display.

    You could argue "Just don't play your p100 then" but they leveled that character to p100 because they love that character, why can't they play the character they like AND have a good and healthy game environment?

    Not only is it unfun for the p100 person, but it's also incredibly unfun and unfair to the people that play with them, it's almost to the point I might as well dodge their games too, because I know they're going to have a bad time and subsequently the rest of us will likely have a bad time.

    It was bad to show ranks because of dodging and game health, it's bad to show prestige for the same reason.

    I hope BHVR does something about this because I found threads about this going back as far as January and February of 2023 about this same issue.

  • Jasix
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    Some friends and I decided to do some Prestige 100 SWFing - In 4 hours of games we had a whopping 2 killers dodge.

    We then switched to just random survivors ranged from P3-6 and in 3 hours of SWFing had 5 killers dodge.

    Want to know the difference?? Flashlights and Toolboxes were equipped on each of the P3-6 characters and the P100s each one carried a different item or no item.

    If players are dodging because of Prestige level - that is their choice. Assuming that any type of skill relates to Prestige is so inane.