Anti Camp Mechanic Won't Solve Camping or Tunneling

Sure it's a lovely idea to stop this unfun gameplay but If people want to tunnel or camp they will do it.

  1. People will now just camp from a distance where the meter doesn't go up.
  2. People will still use their powers to quickly remove endurance and down you.
  3. Invites other unfun gameplay like slugging to the table.

I also think this mechanic will be used incorrectly by newer survivors or people who don't understand the value of sitting on a hook.

My main fear is that people will see the meter reach full and instantly use it. Allowing the killer to once again just get back into tunneling and camping you. The only true strength of this mechanic is sitting there and just before you hit the second stage or before you die you then use it.

I also think this Mechanic puts killers into win-win or lose-lose situations

  1. Win-win: You have a power that can easily remove the endurance status effect
  2. Lose-lose: You are an m1 killer, You're trying to gain more pressure before the last generator pops by defending the hooked area and now they get a free unhook.

Depending on how the system works 1 teammate MIGHT be able to loop around the hooked survivor and the meter will still slowly go up and get them the free unhook before stage 2 hits meaning one survivor is all that is needed to get the save.

I feel this mechanic will remove certain scenarios that are good and healthy and will add other negative gameplay such as slugging.

As a killer, I will now consider slugging more often if I know for a fact that the system is now working against me when hooks should support killer pressure.

As a survivor I still see my teammates giving up. I see them using the mechanic way too soon and letting them get tunneled out even sooner. I also see my favorite perk reassurance being used less because it's now overshadowed by a mechanic.

I understand we're trying to head in the right direction where there isn't unfun gameplay. But I rarely run into camping and just don't think this is the correct way of going about it. It adds extra steps to playing Killer regularly when your intent isn't too fully on camp that survivor.

For tunneling, there are plenty of anti-tunnel / second-chance perks in the game. That should be used more often and maybe more anti-camp perks should be used more often too. I personally love using reassurance and it has saved plenty of my teammates an extra hook state.

Just remember that when you are making mechanics or perks like this they need to be fair for both sides. Not too strong to the point where survivors get everything just handed to them but also not too weak to the point where I have to ask "What's the point of even adding it?"


  • xltechno
    xltechno Member Posts: 247

    If you feel this way, first call on those around you to ensure that the survivor does not immediately try to unhook himself.

    It is almost unrealistic to try to make a baby who does not know how to walk walk with assistance.

    First, you should encourage your child to grow so that he or she can walk on his own, or wait for the right time.

  • Gandor
    Gandor Member Posts: 4,217

    This prevents only facecamping. Like #########? Do we really want to promote that bubba staying in front of you to win game? The mechanic is long overdue

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,708

    Problem is (like a specific TTV who does basement Bubba for a living already showed) that Bubba will just wait on a different location instead. You will get the unhook, but there will still be someone in the basement afterwards. It might even be enough to just stay on the top side of the shack without the timer going up because of how the meter works.

  • xltechno
    xltechno Member Posts: 247

    In such a situation, it is entirely possible for survivors to engage in psychological warfare using lockers.

    It's a very fair game where if you win you get away with just an injury, if you lose you get onhook.

  • Gandor
    Gandor Member Posts: 4,217

    Ok. That's fine. Basement is still net loss. I am ok with that (survivors just need to learn to go down far away from basement - same for trapper). But any other hook is no longer that problematic against S+ camping killers.

  • WiseTraveler
    WiseTraveler Member Posts: 103

    The system has other issues too.

    1. The camping timer starts the second I put you on the hook. That part of me hooking you isn't camping so your meter starts filling even though I'm not actually camping.
    2. The meter will fill if I'm on the floor below you or above you, I'm not camping when I'm on the floor below or above you. The only areas that should get the meter filled for camping on a different level are the hooks that are on the hills, and or like where I can visibly see the hook for a different floor
    3. The Camping system also doesn't stop ranged killers like Huntress, Trickster, Plague, or Pinhead from easily camping you off the hook from a distance.

    Camping in gaming is defined as staying in one area for a period of time. In this case, it is the hook.

    I think the meter shouldn't start right away it should take a good 10 seconds to start filling up. Some killers like The Knight use the power next to the hook to have a good patrol but then they get punished even more for "camping" even though that is a normal time to use your power near the hook.

    If I can't visibly see you and the entry points to the hook are a distance away from me it isn't camping. If I'm on the map of the game I hook you hear a gen below you and I have pop goes the weasel of course I'm gonna kick the gen below you. But should the meter fill when I'm doing perfectly okay with other objectives? I don't think so because camping is going out of you're way to not do any other objective other than well camp.

    Ranged killers tend to be some of the best campers and they still will be the best campers, because their powers enable them to do so.

    There are too many scenarios in this game where things are considered camping and things that aren't and at the moment how the system works it's is too simple and doesn't take into account regular gameplay near the hook.