New Chapter Idea: Abandon & forgiveness, featuring the Grudge A.K.A. the Reaper

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Chapter presentation:

"After collecting the grudge of those sacrificied when the gates of the trial were opened, the Entity gave shape to a new killer, a one born from the survivor abandon and ressentiment. Unforgiving, the Grudge will use all of his strength to make sure no one escapes, so every survivor can feel the pain and hatred that brought him into this world"

(Yes, the killer is made of the anger of being left to die on the hook to die while the other survivors leave 🤣)

Brief killer description:

Tall guy with a black armor

Weapon: Scythe of the Unforgiven

(A possible idea of how he would look. I didn't draw this)

Grudge power:

Condemn of the Indifferent

Reaper's Slash

Press the Power button to launch your weapon in a straight line, for 16 meters. If the weapon collide with a survivor, will cause one health state of damage. If it collides with an wall or any solid object, the will bounce off in a arc trajectory towards the killer. If the object is a dropped pallet or a breakable wall, the scythe will break the pallet/wall and then comeback to the killer. Any survivor hit during the bounce off will be 5% hindered for 5seconds and receive a Death Swarm debuff for 30s. If hit by the Scythe again, the survivor take damage and lose the debuff.

Cursed heart

Whenever the Grude is in the trial, a curse is set upon all the survivors: After getting hit by a normal a attack or a special attack from the Grude or have another survivor hooked, the survivor receive one stack of the Cursed heart. If it has 4 stacks, receive a 1% speed hindered; if have 6 stacks, receive a 2% hindered; when receive 8 stacks, the reaper can appear instantly behind the survivor and hit it a special attack, removing 2 stacks from the curse. If a survivor reaches 10 stacks, the Reaper can instantly kill him/her after downing them. Whenever a survivor leaves the trial by the exit gates, every other survivor alive will instantly receive 2 stacks of Cursed heart

If all of the Survivor alive survivor in the match get 10 stacks of Cursed Heart, the endgame collapse will start, without powering the generator or the exit gates.

Shrine of Redemption

At the start of the Trail, 5 Shrines of Redemption will spawn through the map. Interact with the Shrine of Redemption to pray for Forgiveness on your soul or for the Soul of the other teammates. If you pray for Forgiveness on your soul, you will lose a 1/2 stack of Cursed Heart and give every other survivor 1/3 of a stack every 5seconds, up to a maximum of 3 times.

If you pray to forgiveness to your teammates, you will gain 2 stacks of Cursed heart, while every other survivor loses 1 stack, in 10s seconds.

After Praying, the Shrine enters in a 90 second cooldown, and cannot be used until the cooldown ends.

Reaper's Brutality

Whenever a survivor with 8 or more stacks is within 12m of you, press the Secondary Power button to instatly teleport behind the survivor, remove 2 stacks of cursed heart, get a 5% speed boost for 5seconds and hindering the survivor for 10% for 10seconds.


Hex: Hindering Emotions

A Hex Totem will spawn in the Match. Whenever a survivor is hooked, this perk activates. When you are 24m away from a hooked survivor and he is rescued, you gain a stack. When you get 2 stack, you get a 2% haste bonus. When you get 3 stacks, you get a 3% haste bonus and survivors get a 1% hindered debuff. When you get 5 stacks, you get a 5% speed bonus and all the survivors in the trial get 3% hindered.

All effects of the Hex Perk persist until its cleansed or blessed.

No One Escapes Reaper

Whenever the exit gates are powered, this perk is active. For the first time a survivor touch the exit gates, they will scream, revealing their position and becoming Oblivious for 20s.

After the endgame collapse has started, for every survivor put in the Dying state the endgame collapse is fastened in 10 seconds.

Entity Hunger

Whenever this perk is equipped, you cannot gain bloodlust past level 1.

Whenever a survivor is hooked, for the next 60s seconds:

You vault windows 15% faster

You break pallets 15% faster

The cooldown for cleasing your weapon from a basic attack is 10% shorter.

Your lunge gets 10% longer duration

You have a 2% haste bonus.

Thats it!! I have some ideas for perks for survivor in the same theme (Altruism) but i will write them later. Hope you guys like it!!

Please, leave a comment if you like!!