The connection to the party has been lost

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for some reason, out of nowhere i keep getting this error message everytime i start a lobby, it kicks me out and says "the connection to the party has been lost". i can't even join my friend's lobby either it just keeps loading and nothing happens then it gives me some error as well. please see attached picture.

i play on pc/steam and this issue hasn't occurred in a long time for me. my friend is also having the same issue. our internet is very stable as well so it isn't an internet issue. my friend tried inviting me through steam and they weren't able to see me in lobby but i could see them, we both ready up but to me, they aren't readied up, so we wouldn't even end up in the same lobby.

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  • JokyAzz
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    I have the same issue

  • cheetocultleader
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    I've had this issue a few times the last 3 days. As well as match disconnects and lag so bad I'm teleported backwards a good ways. There was no issue prior to the last few days.