The Knight needs buffs!

There are some things that make the Knight very clunky or even aggravating to play:

  • restrictions on the "placement" of guards is absurd. Let's say I'm in a chase, and the survivor drops a pallet. I immediately try to summon a guard to break the pallet, but I just can't. I have to keep moving backwards or sideways until I finally get the prompt, but by then, the survivor has already started fleeing away from the loop and gaining distance. It's incredibly finnicky and frustrating.
  • the base detection range of guards is miserable. So many time a survivor gains distance, and then I start drawing a patrol path towards the survivor, tracking them by sounds, and then I place down a guard. However, by the time the guard activates, the survivor had already left the detection range, which leaves me with a useless guard. Then I either have to go after the survivor without my power (have to wait until the patrol expires), OR I have to waste time hitting the guard, to regain my power, which loses me considerable distance on the survivor. Playing without the brown addon "Map of the Realm" makes it so much harder to play. It's basically a necessity.
  • Most of his addons are BAD . I think that his purple and green ones are fully or next to useless, not to mention boring. Freddy and Pyramid Head suffer from the same issue with addons.

To solve these issues, I feel like these measures should be taken:

  • Give us much more flexibility with where we can summon our guard. The restrictions are miserable a lot of times
  • Give the Knight the effect of the brown addon "Map of the Realm" either partially or fully into the basekit. The addon increases the detection range of the guards by 4 meters. Either 2 of 4 meters into the basekit would make the Knight so much more playable, and we wouldn't have to use this brown addon every match, just for the chance to be able to actually use our power effectively. An addon should not be required to be able to effectively/reliably use a killer's power
  • Rework most of his addons to not be useless and boring, or hard to use. I find myself using nothing by the yellows or the browns. And almost all the Knights I've gone against use them as well. Specifially, 1 brown addon (map of the realm), or either of the 2 yellow ones (horse meat and the decree). That says a lot.


    ARTRA Member Posts: 837

    Every Knight player say the same and BHVR still ignore this.

    Awfull summoning.

    Map of the realm must be basekit.

    Addons are bad and a few even detrimental. They even dont understand how + patroling time its bad.

    Also i would buff Jailer somehow, its the worst. Just a new little skill that helps. May be hinder 1-2%, freeze negative status on survivors (like blind/exahust with fearmonger),freeze positive effects on knight, when kick a gen its blocked 10 seconds...

    Or whatever just Jailer less trash.

  • Alen_Starkly
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    I agree, Jailer is really bad. The other 2 can be quite useful, but this poor guy does nothing but make funny noises :')