Beast of Prey's mechanics don't properly fit its theme

Beast of prey is all about being unpredictable, but as it is- that isn't what the perk accomplishes. I figure, it would be better to become unpredictable by gaining undetectable when dropping chase, rather than while your in it. This way you can swap between survivors without them being aware exactly of what you're doing, potentially tricking a survivor to remain 'in chase' while also hopefully sneaking up on another survivor. I feel altering the perk in this way would fit the theme that behavior was going for when designing the perk, while also making it a more fun option to use.

I have given an example of how this could be done, but it is by no means a demand or request for the perk to be reworked in this way specifically. Behavior has my full permission and the right to use this example should they wish to. My only goal is to make this perk better fit the themes it is meant to represent in the game through its mechanics, how it is done is obviously up to them.

Beast of Prey: For every 5 seconds in a chase, gain a token up to a maximum of 3/4/5 tokens. When this perk activates, automatically sacrifice a token to gain 10 seconds of undetectable. When the undetectable would run out, sacrifice another token for an additional 10 seconds until no more tokens remain. This perk activates when leaving chase, or when gaining tier 2 bloodlust. Every time a survivor loses a health state while this perk is active, lose two tokens.

I know this example may be more complicated than Behavior would like from this killer's perks, but it was the best I could come up with on the spot.