Can't wait for anti face camp mechanic

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Getting facecamped to death with about 3k points alot these days, please hurry up with next patch <3

Killers cry and gotta be toxic when they are send to a map they dont like and do that $h!7 instead


  • Karth
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    Blame my duo / other swf member lmao xD

    I'm in no way good so dont worry which map, if u chase me you will get me in not time, dont worry

    Side note: only one with reassurance that gets hooked lmao

  • CatnipLove
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    If killers were only hook camping at mid to late game, there wouldn't be an anti-hook camping mechanic. It's only being added cos killers just do it to whoever they find first before any gens have been completed. Don't blame survivors, blame bad killer players for making hook camping such a problem that BHVR had to modify the game to try and alleviate it.

  • DemonDaddy
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    Do well as survivor and you'll end up with more bp. Do really well and the camping wont matter since the last survivor instant dies on hook or gets the escape.

  • CatnipLove
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    Killers of all MMR and skill levels camp. It's not because survivors are rushing gens. Killers who are new/suck/have a bad attitude will do it from the start because they either want to grief a player or they just don't have the skill to win any other way.

    Good killers players don't hook camp the first survivor they find because they don't need to, it's boring to do and they don't get triggered when they get outplayed.

    Again, if bad killer players were not making casual play so miserable for survivors, we wouldn't need a mechanic.

    God forbid casual survivors wanting to play a decent match instead of getting downed and camped out before they really got a chance to play.

    Also, what's with the hysterics? I swear survivor players must be making smurf accounts to try and make killer players all sound like bratty seven year olds.

  • ratcoffee
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    I love the mindset that survivors are all dictatorial jerks who are also too unintelligent to understand nuance and take the most hostile possible strawman-level position imaginable.

    It's not possible that survivors could understand there are a wide variety of potential scenarios wherein a killer might find themself within range of a hook, many of which might be legitimate, no. A survivor would never recognize that there is a difference between [the trend specifically in low skill matches for a killer to sit within 5 meters of a hooked survivor in a way that prevents low skill survivors from rescuing, thus ruining the game for low-skill players, many of whom are casual and can't afford the time investment to sweat and therefore at low levels turning the game into a waiting to die simulator while also rocketing casual killer players into higher mmr brackets forcing them to play sweaty games they might not be prepared for] and [a killer who has just hooked a survivor noticing that there's a second survivor right nearby and being forced to loop them around the hook in order to prevent a quick and totally unsafe unhook]. There's absolutely no way a survivor could ever conceive of the difference between the two, let alone think the first [should be prevented to preserve the casual player experience on both sides] while thinking the second [is actually something that should be punished for survivors because that's far too aggressive play on their part].

    Would be unhealthy to *simply* think of survivors playing the role opposite you in an asymmetrical video game, no, you *must* find a reason why they're all actually cartoon villains come to life and trying to be dictators of the world or something.