Unhealthy for the game?

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I gave up my hope they will ever balance nurse but there are some other stuff i think are very unhealthy for the game

  • Made for this: Not as overpowered as some say here but it still feels a perk that should not be there at all.
  • Hope: Same as Mft. Need some adjustment.
  • Coup de Grace: Breaking the rules of the game.

Knight's minions should despawn at least twice as fast when placed next to a hooked survivor.

Skull Merchant really needs a complete rework. The concept of the killer is not heathly for the game in my opnion.

Thoughts? Stuff that i missed?

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  • Im_not_toxic
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    Skull merchants already being reworked, it just means waiting till it goes live.

  • NerfDHalready
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    mft: yes please

    hope: idk, w/o mft it never was an issue and it's just an end game perk. you might not even get to have any value from it.

    coup: perk's fine but 2 stacks per gen is a bit much not gonna lie, maybe like 1 stack for first gen done, 2 stacks for 2nd 1 for 3rd and so on might be better. way too many stacks right now. or 1 stack per gen like pre buff but you only use one if you extend your normal lunge.

    knight's guard facecamping is irrelevant so it's a non issue imo, especially after hook grabs gone. hook grabs were the only thing made this annoying: you commit and get rid of the guard but you might've gotten grabbed, or don't commit and get 2 tapped. (guards disappear if you go deep into unhooking animation, for anyone who doesn't know)

    dull merchant is on ptb i think still. do you not like the changes she is about to get or are you not aware that she is just getting reworked?

    things to add: map offerings. maps are objectively unbalanced, the least they could do is to remove map offerings so people can't abuse broken maps.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    I agree MfT needs to be changed.

    Hope is only a problem because of MfT.

    I think Coup is fine right now.

    Skull Merchant is already getting a rework (thank god).

    Knight already has an anti-camp mechanic where the guard despawns when someone touches the hooked survivor.

  • xEa
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    While Mft activates a gamechanging mechanic during looping because of failing as survivor (getting injured), Coup gets the same unfair effect also at failing (loosing gens).

    Also both perks are secret to some grade. Actually, an experienced killer can see if the surv is running mft, but there is no indicator of seeing Coup.

    If they leave Mft that way, survivors running it should be highlighted. Same with Coup.

    My personal rework for Coup would be like this:

    • For every hooked survivor, you gain 5% increased lunge range.
    • Missing a lunge reduces the range by 5%.

    About the Knight. True, but camping is still to powerful on him. In fact the Knights mechanic encourage this playstyle.

  • Grigerbest
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    Stop nerfing the Nurse, she's actually fine now.

    Hope and Mft should not just work together.

    "How the f Coup de Grace breaking the rules of the game...?" I didn't get that sentence.

    Knight's minions instantly despawn when survivors are even touching a hooked person.

    Skull Merchant's rework is on it's way. You can check PTB.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    You can tell Coup is in effect after it triggers the first time. Yes the first time it activates you are caught off guard and will most likely get hit, but anytime after that you’ll be able to play around it by dropping pallets early and playing safer.

    With MfT, even if you know it’s in effect there’s nothing you can do. While it would be nice to when MfT is in effect, it’s problem is that there’s nothing you can do about it once you do figure out it’s in play.

  • Emeal
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    Skull Merchant really needs a complete rework. The concept of the killer is not heathly for the game in my opnion.

    I have some great news regarding that.

  • Simfeliz
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    I'd be curious why you think camping is too powerful on Knight?

  • xEa
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    The nurse is definitly to powerful. There are experienced nurse players with 500 or even 1000 wins in a row that highlight that fact.

    Breaking the rules of the game - well, the same way Mft is breaking the rule in a chase. You get for nothing (in that case even failing) a massiv boost over the other side. The question is rather, when you think Mft is not okay, why should Coup be?

    As you say, you know the person has it, once its to late. To get this straight, i dont think it is overpowered, i just think it should not be in the game because stuff like that is unhealthy for the gaming experience. Like is said, Mft has the exact same issue as Coup.

    I did not say that. I think camping in general is often not the best strategy. Yet, a Killer who is designed for camping, no matter if we talk about hook or generators is by default bad for DbD.

  • Simfeliz
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    ""I did not say that."

    Your exact words "True, but camping is still to powerful on him."

  • Grigerbest
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    With the maps being reworked (Developers adding more junk around, more LOS breaking) Nurse is already in a rough spot, have you tried to play her on a reworked maps?

    I'm not a "God nurse" but I'm pretty decent with her, and I'm actually having a rough time playing on reworked maps, against decent survivors who knows the counters to her.

    Besides the nerfes she already got, to her power and addons. Like come on, all "op" stuff were removed from her.

    Nurse is ok now for an S-tier killer.

    Forgot about Coup*:

    I still haven't got the answer on why coup is breaking the rules of the game.=)

    You know what breaking the rules of the game for me?=) It's MFT+Hope after survivor got unhooked.

    If a survivor moving faster than 4.6 killers - this is what breaking the game's rules. Survivors (4 players) by ANY means should not move faster than a killer (1 player) in a game of "Cat and mouse".

  • xEa
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    To be fair, i am only back on playing this game since roughly 2 weeks after a 2 years break and i bearly have more then 50 games on her so far. Therefore the majority of survivors i face with her are probably not the best. Yet, as expected, i have not lost a game with her. I think i have been on very map so far and there are some issues (red forest for example). But that does not change the outcome of the game in 99% of the time. The maps might need some tuning, but nurse is still op.

    I think here is were we probably wont agree at all: I dont think there should be anything like S-Tier in the game. I am all for a ballanced experience. S-Tier is called S-Tier because its op/broken.

  • xEa
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    I appologise. What i mean is "Yet, a Killer who is designed for camping, no matter if we talk about hook or generators is by default bad for DbD."

    Camping itself is in non comp games or in most situations not the smartest strategy in my opinion, but it can be very frustrating for players when it happens. Especially annoying when the killer camps basement entreance and sets his minion on top.

  • Devil_hit11
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    that perk is worthless. by the time you get to any significant value, you already won the game.

  • not_requested49
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    How is it powerful on him when they can't even hurt you unless you're moving really slow to the hook?

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Getting hit once is not too late. After the first time it activates you know it is in effect and can play around it. That’s how most perks work.

    For example, you don’t know a survivor has Lithe or Sprint Burst until it activates but you can play around them every other time after that. You don’t know a killer has Bamboozle or Spirit Fury/Enduring until it gets you.

    But unlike MfT, those perks and Coup can be played around after you identify it’s in game. You can’t with MfT, which is what the problem with that perk is.

  • Devil_hit11
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    in truth, perks are not really meant to be outplayed. they're usually distinct advantages that opposing brings that you have to win through.

    that perk is useless because by the time you get an improvement, you already won.

  • xEa
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    How to play around Coup? By droping the pallet super early, right?

    Then we could say the same about Mft. Play around it by running one more loop.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    That is not the same thing at all. The killer is not in control of whether or not the survivor gets another loop in. I don’t decide “yeah I’ll run another loop to counter it!” The survivor just gets another loop. That’s not playing around it. You don’t even get the hit either, the survivor just gets an extra loop.

    With Coup, the survivor decides to drop the pallet early. If I don’t want to get hit with Coup, I’ll play safer, drop pallets early etc. Same with Spirit Fury. Or do you think Spirit Fury is also unhealthy for this game?

    Coup has counter play, MfT does not.

  • Gandor
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    I will not repeat myself concerning MfT - I consider the perk underwhelming compared to basically everyone so let's leave it at that.

    Talking about all the other perks - I don't get it. They are perfectly fine the way they are. Coup does not automatically mean you will get hit. It's at most 10x a killer will get longer lounge hit where he can still miss it or waste it where he would get a hit regardless. It costs 1 perk slot that could have been slowdown/regression perk instead. I just don't understand why it's any issue that killer can get hits at safer loops a bit more reliably at most 10 times - without him deciding when he wants to take it and at a cost of a perk slot (it's not like a basekit adjustment. That would have been very problematic).

    As for hope. Really? Like we are possibly talking about last 20-30s of a match - or maybe a bit longer while killer camps and everyone resets for a final push for a rescue. How is this a big deal? It does not even guarantee escape. Even with MfT survivors can be caught (alas it's very difficult and it makes much more sense to go for literally anyone else). But the point stands - 3 perks for a very last part of a match that does not even guarantee escape is unfair for what reason? Because I quite frankly don't get it. Most killers if they are going to win - they will do it before last gen pops anyway (making hope absolutely useless even with conjunction to MfT even if you are not one of those people that already died).

  • xltechno
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    It is true that opinions are divided on MtF. Still, many players, at least those who are experts at both Survivor and Killer, say that most of them are OP.

    This is because many maps, created by bad map designers, have pallet loops that can be safely looped around without thinking, and can often convert distances that are less than one loop into one loop at certain points.

    As a result, all 4.4m Speed killers other than those that could call themselves advanced became extinct.

    Speaking of knights, the camp is no longer a threat.

    Many people who disagree with this are those who don't know the value of having two people come to the rescue, or exchande onhook even though the hook grab has been removed from this game.

  • xEa
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    That would imply the same to killers with coup. Survivors loop around an object 3 times instead of 2 because of Mft. Killers cut down 3 loops to 2 loops because of Coup. I dont see the difference here.

    The value of 2 people running to the hook is 0. If you send in 2 people for a secue, you simply loose the game (unless gens are done)

  • xltechno
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    I apologize for any misunderstanding caused by my poor English. As you say, it is basically foolish for two survivors to go to the rescue together.

  • rvzrvzrvz
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    Most unhealthy thing for the game is blight, it could be knight if he was more popular but right now it's blight, when half of your games are against blights Dbd is quickly boring

    playing against knight is horrible you can't fix that without a complete rework

  • xEa
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    Blight is in my opinion a nice killer, VERY powerful, but to some degree more or less fair. The problem i see more are 2 things: The low amount of average pallets you get + the low amount of actually safe pallets (check out my research on that matter if you want) and even worse - many of his addons are plain and simple unfair.

    I said everything i think about the Knight. Not OP, but unhealthy for gameplay. Someone can also make a strong argument about Bubba (one of my most favourite killers to play and to verse) due to his exceptional strenght on camping a hooked survivor.