BP Offerings Need Adjusting

For Killer

Why does Survivor Pudding cost as much as Hollow Shell? 100% vs 25% same cost in the Bloodweb.

For Survivor

Why does Escape Cake cost as much as Yellow Envelopes? Same as killer.

25% is absolutely worthless. The BP offerings should at least give you a shot at breaking even (earning 2000BP on a brown offering for example)

I think across both Killer and Survivor, the values of the offerings should be increased, especially with the removal of BP bonuses on perks like Prove and BBQ.

Brown - Grant 75% BP in Category X

Yellow - Grant 100% BP in Category X

Green - Grant 150% BP in Category X

Convert all Yellow Envelopes to Escape Cakes and all Hallow Shells into Survivor Puddings, keeping both at 100% BP in all categories.