Ultimate Weapon makes Aura Perks Unplayable

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Ultimate Weapon is an amazing tracking perk for Killers, however, most Killers probably don't even think much about the blindness it inflicts as well.

Most Aura perks have some benefit in chase such as using Bond/Empathy to avoid sandbagging teammates or Troubleshooter/Alert to see what the Killer does after throwing a pallet or Windows to find the nearby pallets and vaults. This all goes out the window when Ultimate Weapon is in play because its very common to start a chase shortly after it makes you scream and now your Aura perk is out of play for a good portion of that chase.

I just feel like the blindness is utility that Ultimate Weapon doesn't need as similar perks like Darkness Revealed, Lethal Pursuer, Hex: Face the Darkness and Infectious Fright don't inflict any status effects.

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  • Grigerbest
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    Hey, are you a "Grim gatsby" from YT?=) I'm still waiting on a Life of a Xenomorph main.

    Personally I think this perk needs some utter nerfs.

    1 perk slot without even being a hex should not give multiple strong effects. (Yes, I do think blindness is a strong debuff)

    Same goes for MFT.

    With Calm spirit you can at least counter a scream...

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  • ReverseVelocity
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    It's certainly a bit of a pain but I wouldn't go so far to say that it makes Aura perks unplayable.

  • xltechno
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    Blindness does not have a very strong effect. Live players who are experts in using bond also mention it.

    However, it may be good to hear the opinion that it is the OP with UW.

  • WilliamSN
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    Just wait until you learn what Distortion / CS /OTR and a couple other perks do ....

    If you think not having your perk for 30s every couple of minutes is "overpowered" , I wonder what you'd think of perks that fully delete someone elses loadout permanently.

  • MikeStev
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    Ultimate Weapon is powerful because of its ability to track survivors, not the blindness status effect. Maybe change your Windows of Opportunity for one or two games?

  • Devil_hit11
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    blindness definitely does make aura perks ineffective. blindness is anti-soloq status effect because soloq uses aura perks like bond and window of opportunity to not sandbag to avoid sandbagging teammates. that is what @gatsby is talking about. without bond, survivors when looping will just run into teammates that work on generators accidentally sandbagging them. when your swf, your not really doing that because it is losing strategy. free gen pressure. without window of opportunity, survivor will run into pallets that were once there and now became broken creating dead zone effect.

    the perk-tax that soloq has to deal with to be as semi-competent swf get turned off by blindness. I had discussion with @BlueBerry789 at one point regarding blindness and why it is not given to killers. soloq is too reliant on aura perks to be fun to play.

  • Venusa
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    Not to mention you can't even see where your hooked or downed mate is with blindness if you happen to miss it and you can't ask them over Discord LOL.

  • TheTom20
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    The perk only gives the killer a rough indicator you can use this against the killer to distract an also waste huge amounts of time

    If your good in chase take advantage of this perk get the killers attention

    if you no good in chase or don't want to be found don't run around like a headless chicken as that will tell the killer were you are, walk an hide seen lot of people pull it off successfully at the very least even killer finds you they will waste precious time

  • gatsby
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    Yeah you're right. I am generally a solo queue player and the value of most of the aura perks is allowing for more coordination instead of having the unfortunate sandbagging solo queue messy moments.