PC - The Nightmare's "Unicorn Block" add-on refreshing Blindness

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Step 1: Play as the Nightmare in either public or custom match

Step 2: Equip his green add-on "Unicorn Block"

Step 3: Blind a survivor with "Unicorn Block" by making them trigger a Dream Snare

Step 4: Make a different survivor trigger a Dream Snare before the Blindness of the previous survivor ends

Problem: The previous survivors that you've blinded with "Unicorn Block" will have their blindness duration refreshed every time another survivor triggers a Dream Snare.

  • Character played: The Nightmare
  • Equippables: "Unicorn Block" add-on
  • Map: Any
  • Frequency of the issue: 100% when conditions are met

We have tested this only with Dream Snares, I don't know if the issue affects Dream Pallets too.

Timestamp for the video:

1:18 - first instance of the bug (refreshing blindness)

Video of the bug:

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.