Linked Fire Moon Sets

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Why are the Fire Moon Player for Feng and Fire Moon Engineer for Gabriel both linked sets? They aren't a license, so why can't they be mixed and matched? Feng's makes even less sense than Gabriel's, as at least Gabriel coat might be considered a hybrid chest and leg piece, but Feng just has a normal top, a normal leg piece, and a normal head piece.

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  • IlliterateGenocide
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    I Both love and hate silent hill liscense for this very reason...

    bringing in the option of linked sets...

    i have no doubt that if some of the pre silent hill outfits were released today they would be linked

  • Krazzik
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    To be fair the robe on Gabe's would look weird if it was mix and matched with other stuff.

  • OnryosTapeRentals
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    Yeah, another collection I was looking forward too ruined by sets.

  • Aurelle
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    Well more cosmetics I won't buy. Sets are dumb, especially if they clearly don't need to be linked.