Something I Will Never Understand...

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Survivor gets unhooked, they use BT to bodyblock for their teammate, and they complain about tunneling in post-game chat.

It does not happen to me often when I play Killer, but if you bodyblock with BT, then I will go for you since you are throwing yourself in my path and obstructing my ability to not tunnel you and go for other players.

I also think you have no room to complain about tunneling either, I was going for someone else until you blocked my path, if you want to avoid being tunneled, you could have just ran the other direction.

I must state again though, that this does not happen often, I think Ive only had it happen like 1-2 times over the past few months or so, I just dont quite understand why people get upset over this.

(Cool, I guess people are now upset that I camped but ignore the entire idea that Survivors can rush an unhook and not give me time to leave either. Also some people forget about Off The Record as well, since Ive had people bodyblock with Off The Record and DS that just book it over to where the chase is, but that's my fault too I guess, should have left the hook I guess smh.)

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    Just ignore them. Everything in this game has at least one person that it annoys, that's an inevitability with a playerbase this large.

    A small minority of people don't recognize that they can get tunneled for their own actions, and blame the killer when they literally throw themselves at them. Or they do recognize it but think the killer shouldn't tunnel anyway. Either way, they want to ######### around without finding out, essentially.

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    Depends, some people just run in really fast and give you no time to leave.

    And with the new anti-camp changes, proxy camping may become more prevalent but it definitely isnt going to be sitting in front of the hook or super close by.

    For me (and I think I can speak for most other people), I only return back to the hook when an unhook occurs if Im just close by or if I have no other information about Survivors, but as I stated before, I go for the unhooker and leave the person who just got unhooked alone.

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    These are just people, that doesnt think. The want you to play like they want as they call it "fair". If I have these players I always go after the BT guy, because if you think throw it in a logical way it just makes sence. If you get to a hook where an unhook happends, how many hits are needed to down one of them? Both two. If one decides to block you so you need to hit these one, he/she need one and the other two. So why should you go after a Survivor, who needs two hits, if you have one that need one right in front of you.

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    The question I would ask is this, why are you hanging around a hooked survivor during the unhook process that gives them the reason or chance to use it as a body block?

    If they are complaining about tunneling, that would make me believe all 4 people were alive. It's highly unlikely that all 3 unhooked people were at the hooked survivor together.

    Don't be around hooks, then there is no reason for them to bodyblock and there is less (I'll never say none reason to complain.

    I think it'd be interesting to see how things would change if the devs removed the unhooking notification.

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    Survivors make bad plays all the time. Rushing to unhook when a killer has control of the area is very common, like every other game common. 1/5th of those times the unhooked person will try to block LOS for some reason and generally call for a tunneling.

    Its rare that I'm cited as the source of the tunnel in EGC though...

    I like to think they usually understand its a them issue.

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    I guess you were already proxy camping in the first place

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    I recommend keep doing it. theyll learn eventually if they don't want to be tunneled then get out of the killers way.

  • Beatricks
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    As someone that plays a lot of SoloQ, that is the one behavior I will never understand in this game. If a killer doesn't tunnel me out of the kindness of their heart, the last thing I'm going to do is waste that.

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    Have this so often too^^ Its also funny when somebody on deathhook goes to rescue and than wonder why i take him out

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    And if those people are complaining about tunneling, then the hell with them. But I'd be willing to bet that the complaint is coming from a situation that is far more common. Killer hooks and "walks away" but doesn't go away. Survivor comes to unhook and killer runs back over as they see the approaching survivor. Then they are there as the unhook happens leading to the protection hit being burned.

    Then the killer says "Well why did you unhook in front of me?"

    Meanwhile, the survivor wasn't in front of the killer, but the killer ran back over to create the situation. Thus trying to claim not camping and not tunneling while knowing full well this is what they are doing.

    I get hanging around near the hook when you have 2 survivors left and one is on hook. Where else is that last survivor going to be? But most of the complaints I've seen in matches have been killers at 4 or 5 gens, lingering near a hook and just being lazy. There is so many information perks avaialabe to encourage killers to move yet a high amount still just race back to that unhook sound looking for an easy hit.

    I stand by my statement that they should remove the sound notification of an unhook.

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    It's an odd one watching people complain about the consequences of their own actions, as if they are immune to any kind of reasonable counter play to what they do.

    If you waste your endurance body blocking for your rescuer, you make yourself the most viable chase target.

    To then go on and complain about tunneling after that is yet another example of the "have my cake and eat it too" entitled mentality of some players.

    You see the same arguments over again and they pretty much all boil down to "I should be able to do as I please without consequence and if you don't accommodate that then you are just scummy and selfish".

  • caipt
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    in the proposed situation, the killer most often hasnt found anybody else. Whats the killer meant to do, just ignore the fact that theres 2 survivors grouped up relatively closeby one of which injured and hooked at least once, meanwhile they have no clue where the other two are? While that may not be the exact situation you are describing as you dont get into details, that is a common situation. the killer doesnt have any obligation to allow their pressure to get cleared. The survivor made the right play, but the killer shouldnt be expected to ignore them in such a situation.

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    The other two survivors in that situation will be near one of those giant red things highlighted on the killer's screen.

    And again, there is so many information perks, it is not difficult to find survivors anymore unless you are being lazy.

    It's just the new norm. Tunnel someone out at 4 or 5 gens to make the match easier. It's not against the rules but it is certainly scummy.

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    A lot of team mates in SoloQ:

    1. come unhook me when it's totally NOT safe, killer has just hooked me two seconds ago
    2. are chased by the killer, close to where I am hooked, he hits them once and they are like "okay, might as well just run to that hook over there and unhook, with the killer being like 3 metres behind me and I am injured".. -

    Sometimes they can't even process trough the complete unhook bar and end up just lying in dying state right under my hooked feet, sometimes I "accidently" take an endurance hit because team mates decide to unhook very unsafe, with killer very close.

    It all depends on the situation and the point of view. Me personally, I am not angry when being "tunneled" after getting an endurance hit. But I have to say: sometimes I do it on purpose, but sometimes it's just because of weird/unsafe behaviour of my mates.

    Cases I take the hit/block on purpose sometimes are, when an already injured mate with the killer right behind him unhooks me and he would for sure go down then. I mean, it is his own fault doing that unsafe unhook. But sometimes I just feel that I owe them, because otherwise they would just go down "because they unhooked me"..

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    This happens more on blight but heres a situation where it's not a proxy camp that applies to all killers.

    Killer hooks person A. Chases and hooks person B then heads back to hook A.

    While the survivors probably made a mistake for this to happen, it is a thing.

    There's a big difference between you forcing the bt hit and the killer procing it on purpose as well.

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    Ahem... This (Below).

    Also perks like Off The Record and DS exist, some Survivors will just run across the map and get in the way of chase just to use them sometimes. But people like to jump the gun and assume Im camping or proxying the entire time.

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    Plenty of reasons to be near the hook, it’s not “lazy” it’s called being efficient.

    • Killer was leaving the hook, intercepts a survivor, survivor continues to go for the rescue and killer follows.
    • Killer wastes time checking nearby gens, finds no one due to either no one being there or they’re hiding, gets the unhook notification and goes back to chase the unhooker.
    • Killer hooks someone and their altruistic teammates swarm the hook, which happens often, before the killer could even think to patrol gens.
    • Hooked survivor is in second stage and 2 or less gens are left, perhaps even egc. The smart thing to do would be to push for the kill.
    • Survivors, like they often do, three gen’d themselves and one got hooked on the middle or near by. It’s stupid to leave, not “lazy”.
    • Killer hooks someone one a large map, only gens left are on the opposite side of the map and there’s no hope to stop the gens progress in time, so to apply pressure, they proxy camp in order to try and intercept.

    Even if the killer wants to tunnel, what’s the problem? Isn’t the “fun part” of the game in the chase like so many people claim? Why is it wrong for killers to be lazy, as you accuse them of being, but it’s acceptable for survivors to whine about being chased and expect to be allowed to reset themselves? Why shouldn’t we expect survivors to have to put some effort in getting away to a safe location using teamwork and then heal?

  • Grigerbest
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    When they bodyblocking with BT for injured teammate - it's completely ok. It happened a lot in my matches when injured survivor goes for unhook.

    But when they bodyblocking with BT for a healthy survivor - this situation where you can go for them again, since there is no point going for healthy one and hitting them 2 times, when you can just go and hit 1 time a guy who bodyblocked right after being unhooked.

    I think It's a common sense.

    Don't bodyblock for a healthy person, after just being unhooked - it's a mistake.

  • Melinko
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    Most of your reasons don't apply to the content being discussed here though.

    If the killer is far enough away to check gens and comes back to the unhook the 10 seconds should have expired.

    The comment was about 4 survivors being up not end game, not gens popping, it was about a body block on an unhook and someone saying they were tunneled. So the 3 gen doesn't apply, or the death hook.

    Which, if there is back to back hooks of the same person that is just a lazy killer. 4 people on the board and you can't find anyone else to hunt?

  • Melinko
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    And that is one thing I even said, if they are right there then that is on them but more often then not it isn't the case if they are complaining.

    The they run in and didn't give me time then cried I camped or tunneled happens about as often as the truly sweaty 4 man SWF crews. Sure it exist but most the time these complaints are coming from solo cue.

    If you get a dumb dumb who runs in and unhooks instantly, go get them. Even if the person on hook takes a hit, get the dumb one. It's the natural order of life. Ever seen a Lioness hunt?

    But again, as I said and you didn't reply too.

    MOST of the time when this complaint happens, it is the killer hooks. Then strolls away but not too far to bait someone in, then tails that person back to get a free trade. It isn't a case of "oh, they walked past me." No, it's a case of being lazy.

  • Huge_Bush
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    One of the reasons I posted is Survivors unhooking before the killer gets a chance to leave. Another is the killer intercepted a Survivor on their way to the hook. Another is that the Killer saw scratch marks near the hook. It’s not lazy to prevent an unhook, it’s smart. It’s just entitled to expect the killer to walk across the map and give easy rescues.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I mean, I found someone to hunt, I dont want to go through 3 different health states because someone with BT or Off The Record/DS is blocking the way, especially if they are not the person I was going for, since I go for the unhooker. And I dont understand how bodyblocking with BT is seen as "strategic" but the consequences of that strategy pins the Killer as "lazy" when it is inherently the Survivors fault and can be avoided.

    Maybe it is "lazy" for all I know, but I play Killers that are rather weak and use gimmick builds like Trail of Torment + Dragon's Grip for Exposed Fishing or a Backpack build using Mad Grit, arguably I work harder to get hooks than people who just run 4 slowdown/meta perks every match.

  • Melinko
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    I play scratched mirror Myers and Dredge. I'm just never around a hooked survivor so my opinion might be jaded. I just know when I play on survivor side in solo cue I see a lot of things out of killers that I think "that's so trashy, I'd never play like that." But, it's all about optics I suppose.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Perspective is everything.

    Survivors will never see what the Killer sees, Killers will never see what the Survivor sees; A prime example of this was a match I played against a TTV not that long ago.

    I hooked a Nea and a Meg instantly unhooks her and gets downed, the Nea has a flashlight and runs back to get a flashlight save but gets downed because of it and DCs. TTV all the way across the map complained that I tunneled even though the Nea ran back into me and got caught because of their poor decision making.

    After the match, I talked with the TTV and discussed our different POVs and got a better understand of the situation from both sides; and the post-game chat started in a heated discussion but ended with both people being more positive about the situation and wishing each other the best of luck with the other person's matches.

    A lot of that nuance with matches is lost when you only see things from one perspective.

    Either that or I really just am unphased by most things. I have friends I play with in SWFs that complain about every minor inconvenience meanwhile Im the calmest person ever whilst getting tunneled out almost every match, I really dont mind what either side does, but I will do my own thing just as much as anyone else.