Blight Balance Ideas

This is just what I would do to nerf blight (mostly his addons lmao)

Base kit: Rush tokens are reset when stunned by any means

Alchemist Ring: Starts with 0 tokens with a maximum of 4. Each token returns 1 rush after a successful rush hit. Landing a rush hit increases the number of tokens by 1 and each rush miss reduces the number of tokens by 2 (If you perform a break action or don't swing during a rush no tokens are lost).

Compound 33: no longer hinders survivors and the cooldown after break is increased to 2 seconds (was 1.5). The visual effect is also removed.

Compound 21: The visual effect from being hindered by Compound 33 is moved to this addon so survivors know when their aura is being read, and I wouldn't want that sick effect to go to waste.

Iridescent Blight Tag: Once there are 3 rushes remaining, blight's rushing becomes silent(Bumps are still audible)

Speed addons: Blighted Rat and Blighted Crow are reduced to 2% and 4% per rush respectively (from 4% and 6%) so Double Speed would be equivalent to old Blighted Crow.

Adrenaline Vial: No longer increases rush movement speed (might want to adjust the extra recovery too)