Background player simply cannot be good in the state it is in, no matter how long the sprint last.

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BHVR plan to increase the duration of the sprint burst to 5 seconds, which will be the same duration adrenaline has, but it doesn't help the perk to be valuable much at all, simply because sprint burst exist.

Sprint Burst will do what Background player does but truly on demand and can be used way way way more often with extremely more value than background player will ever have, extending it's speed boost duration will not fix the perk issue which is sprint burst is better and without a condition.

How to fix the perk?

Give it a true unique effect of haste to it, this perk is meant to do saves, from flashlights to pallets to flashbangs or even sabotaging, but it gives the same speed boost as any other perks so why not use other perks?

Background player:

Increase sprinting speed by 175% for 3 seconds once the killer picks up a survivor. (same condition it is live)

This way the perk will truly do it's purpose and be different from other exhaustion perks, it is meant to be a save perk and now it truly is.


Thank you for agreeing BHVR <3<3<3<3<3<3 200% now

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