Would you prefer quality of matches or search speed now?

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At the time when SBMM was introduced to us, I remember that matches were searched for a long time, but they were not the worst in quality. Then devs did some surveys to find a balance between the quality of matches and their search speed. Seems like most then chose speed.

I think that today absolute majority of the community agrees that SBMM works just disgusting (if it works at all), and I personally think that the old ranking system worked much better.

Personally, I am ready to wait 5 or even 10 minutes for a really good and equal match. It's definitely better than waiting a minute and getting baby survivors and 11k hours killer in the same match, having 4-5 terrible (not always, but sometimes) matches in a row and throwing away 30-50 minutes of life for these terrible matches. What do you think now?

Would you prefer quality of matches or search speed now? 25 votes

I prefer quality of matches over search speed
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I prefer search speed over quality of matches
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Don't care, cause i just urban evasion to the bush and selfcare there