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As the title say. The game will launch. It'll enter the splash screen and load until the end then stays there until the splash screen disappear a few moments later. However, both Steam and Task Manager shows that the game is running. DBD is my only game doing this. Then after awhile it'll launch. Only to not launch the next time.

I've spent days to weeks now, trying to figure out and fix the problem. Things from allowing program through firewall, verifying the integrity of files, running as administrator, reinstalling/repairing EAC, uninstalling then reinstalling DBD, disabling fullscreen mode, clearing Steam cache, resetting network, updating bios.

Btw, I'm on Windows 10. And just in case, my pc is completely up to date with graphics card, other adapter, windows update, etc etc.

I know its just DBD because no other games are doing this.

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This looks like a technical issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer technical support on this forum.

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