bug or is there factor that prevents green glyphs from spawning?

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For the last few times I reached the end of the match and opened the gate, there was no glyph outline and I found no glyphs during the match. It's an old challenge, and there were a ton of hooks + gens finished (obviously) during the match, which the challenge says spawns the glyphs. Is this a bug or is there some factor I need to account for? I thought maybe the pumpkins were taking up space where they would spawn so I was breaking totems for inner healing and breaking a lot of pumpkins, still no spawns.

Before this spate of matches (when completing the challenge during previous rifts) when the door was opened I saw at least one green silhouette throughout the map, even when I'd previously picked up glyphs, so I'm confused. Has anyone else run into this?

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  • sizzlingmario4
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    I think the pumpkins do take up the spaces for them (since they both use totem locations) and so the glyphs can't spawn there even after you break the pumpkins. I'd try again after the event ends tomorrow afternoon.

  • EQWashu
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    Hey quelaag,

    When you get a moment, could you add some additional information (platform, character(s) played, map(s) played on, etc)? Also, during End Game Collapse, you should be able to see the glyph spot auras from a distance... is this not occurring, to your experience?

    While the pumpkins should not entirely cause issue with this challenge, if you still have issue now, as well as when the event ends, please update!