Please buff Skull Merchant


She's actually the weakest killer in the game and it isn't even close. She does nothing, her only good chase addon was nerfed by removing the 2% haste, her drones suck and the CD on them shouldn't exist, all her addons are awful, she's just a worse version of Hag at this point. She doesn't do a single thing right, why can drones even be disabled? If they're near a gen just work on the gen since they can't detect you if you're standing still, they can't scan through walls anymore making them horrible at loops, there's a CD between scans and you need 3 for them to get a claw trap, just ugh... PLEASE do something, like making her old Geographical Readout baseline. 2% and 15% action speed for 10 seconds upon deploying a drone, that alone would help her a lot. As she is now she may be the only D tier killer that has ever existed, even prebuff Trapper was at least C tier.


  • AhoyWolf
    AhoyWolf Member Posts: 4,053

    Lol, she isn't the strongest, but her 3gen game is still quite strong and she can force an injure or a hinder, which most Killers cannot do, she also has on command stealth, not the weakest by far.

  • HugTechLover
    HugTechLover Member Posts: 2,482

    Ab-so-lutely not.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,542

    She is one of the most obnoxious and oppressive killers in the game now. If anything she needs a nerf.

    The 2% Haste on Geo Readout was no healthier than MFT btw. It was a bandaid that gave the old Skull Merchant an edge in chase, but really it never should've actually been a thing if her old basekit hadn't been so horribly designed and it definitely isn’t needed anymore.