What should I do first?

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I want the communities' help deciding whether I should finish P3-ing the Survivors or P100 My Main: "The Nightmare" Freddy Krueger!

What should I do first? 25 votes

P3 The Rest Of The Survivors
xEaGeneralVawustzdnGuiltiiAlex_SmoeArchol123dgbugDonkeybqllstomasmikulikSkillfulstoneFoxmare 12 votes
P100 Freddy
The_DaydreamerAtsuka_AnarchykinduyguMechWarrior3RareFantom47CorvusCorax86Depressedlegionleon_helpTheSingularityAstelTommyDorkelson 12 votes
Versalord 1 vote


  • Astel
    Astel Member Posts: 583
    P100 Freddy

    Let's be the legend.

  • dgbug
    dgbug Member Posts: 152
    P3 The Rest Of The Survivors

    P3 survivors, I can queue with you if you'd like. We could stack BPS or cakes

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 9,734
    P3 The Rest Of The Survivors

    Finish the survivors, and go for Freddy when he gets better.

  • RareFantom47
    RareFantom47 Member Posts: 87
    P100 Freddy

    You don't need all the Survivors at Prestige 3, Prestige 1 should be fine on its own, especially if the perks are mediocre from the Survivor.

    And besides, you only really need all the perks Tier III on a single Survivor.