Should DBD get a "DBD 2"?

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What I'm talking about isn't a sequel in the proper sense but a rework of the base game. Kinda like a Overwatch 2 situation where DBD would be shut down and replaced with a (hopefully free) "DBD 2" where the graphics are updated, hitboxes are refined, bugs are ACTUALLY fixed, and systems like perk search, stats, random build generation, and more are Built In from day one instead of getting added in a buggy format 5 years into the game's lifespan.

I know that it's pretty much impossible due to the way licenses work for the IP's but I can't help but think that if the devs were able to dust off this antiquated game's foundation and work on it for more than 10 seconds they might be able to improve update and troubleshooting speed and enhance the content rate.

Ps: we're gonna just ignore the potential for bhvr making people pay full price for the new DBD and dlc. Let's only talk about the impact to the gameplay, updates, and content creation.

Should DBD get a "DBD 2"? 16 votes

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Depressedlegion 1 vote
Yes, rebuild the game plz
dgbugAchlysShadeslayerqnyun 3 votes
No, keep working with what we have
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Have you seen OW2? No Thank You!
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