What Survivor-Only Chapters/Paragraphs would you consider seeing in DBD?

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THE WALKING DEAD Universe - Play as your favorite characters from the Show, or the Games, at least characters that mattered. You know the names; I can go on with how many there are. I had my ideas all over the place for a bit, but realistically, I'd imagine them doing Rick and Daryl, with either S7-S8 Negan, The Governor or Beta as the Killer. Then perhaps we'd move to a future DLC, being Maggie, Clementine and maybe the post TWD good-guy Negan; a three-man army bonus chapter. Better idea IMO then what I had before, which contained more Survivors than what BHVR would have the likeness rights for, monopolizing that of Resident Evil... THIS is playing it safe.

The Last of Us - Preferably based on the first game, with the exception of Part 2 Ellie, but of course, if you like Part II, that's okay, you do you. Simple enough, Ellie and Joel as Base Survivors, with Tommy as a Legendary for Joel. Only reason I could see this possibly coming, despite it being PS exclusive, is there's a PC port, and an HBO MAX adaptation.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Games - Until Dawn, The Quarry, Man of Medan, House of Ashes, Little Hope and The Devil In Me. And if I'm not wrong, Supermassive happens to be currently working with BHVR to make a new DBD game, more than likely a story-based game like you see in this image below. I'd say it's possible to see characters like Sam or Mike come in.

The Addams Family / Wednesday - Supposably, Amazon had obtained the rights to MGM, meaning the rights to Wednesday could be switched from Netflix to Amazon, which wouldn't sound like too much of a problem, because DBD collabed with Amazon gaming before. Wednesday Addams is without a doubt the likely pick, unless of course SCREAM comes along bringing in Tara Carpenter, then we can see her getting a Wednesday skin, since BOTH were played by Jenna Ortega. Speaking of which...

SCREAM - We have Ghostface, we just need Sidney and the gang. How I see it, is we get Sidney Prescott, Tara Carpenter and/or Gale Weathers as Base Survivors, with Dewey Riley and Sam Carpenter as Legendary Sets. And one of Sidney's perks could be one that allows her to fight back, but since it's DBD, I doubt it can't be anything Lethal, then it'd be OP.

ALAN WAKE - No questions asked, Alan Wake 2 dropped, he could definitely be a potential Survivor paragraph. Never played the games, but I can tell people would love him.

DEAD SPACE - Isaac Clake, same as the last one... Dead Space Remake... Although, I could definitely see some Necromorph skins for a couple of the killers.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - All I know about this one is that it's about a girl named Buffy Summers who is a vampire slayer, she is definitely slaying. And funnily enough, she's also owned by DIsney, 20th Century Fox, the same people which has ALIEN, which DBD currently has. So, she's definitely possible.

Supernatural - Simple enough, Sam and Dean Winchester as Survivors.

What Survivor-Only Chapters/Paragraphs would you consider seeing in DBD? 18 votes

'The Walking Dead' universe - Owned by Skybound Interactive and Robert Kirkman.
The Last of Us - Made by Naughty Dog
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The Dark Pictures Anthology games - Supermassive Games
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The Addams Family / WEDNESDAY - MGM
TommyDorkelson 1 vote
The 'SCREAM' franchise - Spyglass Media Group
WextonCorvusCorax86 2 votes
Alan Wake - Remedy Entertainment
BothSidesEnjoyer 1 vote
Dead Space - EA
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - 20th Century Fox
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Supernatural - Owned by Warner Bros. and CBS
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Other (Please Specify, if you want.)
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    Other (Please Specify, if you want.)

    Tomb Raider - Lara Croft

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    Supernatural - Owned by Warner Bros. and CBS

    Sam and Dean would rock in dbd

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    Other (Please Specify, if you want.)

    Herbert West from Re-Animator (Stuart Gordon Adaptation)

    With one of his perks i imagine would be the ability to craft a reagent through healing enough Survivors, which he could use to bring back dead or sacrificed Survivors as bots, albeit in a very weakened state who will die within a single hook stage.

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    Dead Space - EA

    I think (just because I really like the Metal Gear series) that solid snake or big boss would be a really fun character to play for stealthy stuff or even just a skin

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    I'd go for "Elvira" as she is a huge horror icon from the 80s and would fit in nicely with the other horror icons of that era.

    The only reason I don't mention any of your choices is because I could imagine most as fully-fledged chapters where they have a decent Killer potential as well. As examples, "Alan Wake" could have Scratch as the Killer, "Dead Space" could have Isaac Clarke and Regenerator, Buffy could have Angelus as Killer and so on.

    I just think most could easily do a full chapter and really want that (especially Alan Wake).