Devs Please Answer 🙏 Any Plans for Switch Optimization?

Title. Every time I report this in the bugs section it is marked as 'Acknowledged'.

Are there any plans or even discussions about the performance? I am begging you, please do something 🙏


  • duygu
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    they arent gonna do ######### there's your answer. it's so disgusting that these people think switch can max out what feels like 25 fps with stutters and drops to 15 on a 2016 game with UE4. dawg dying light, an open world game with better graphics, runs far better on the same platform. then again you shouldnt be surprised because this is the same company that thinks optimization is making the new generation consoles to run on 60 fps despite them being capable of running AAA games like gow ragnarok on 120 fps (with some graphics downgrade nevertheless), and the older generation to buy the new console.

  • Pulsar
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    This was from back when Plague was the newest Killer and when I had just hit my first year anniversary with the game.

    Plague is now an old Killer and I'm closer to SIX years on DBD than I am to five.

  • I_Cant_Loop
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    The optimization has been awful on all platforms since the game was released 7 years ago. I doubt the devs are all of a sudden going to fix it. It's already clear that the game code is a nightmare given how long it takes to fix bugs and how many new bugs appear with every update. Optimizing the code would probably take more resources than creating a brand new game.

  • JPLongstreet
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    On their road map back in 2019 they laid out a goal to get all the consoles running DBD at a stable 60 fps.

    Once it wasn't happening, followed by scant talk about it, many players (with @Pulsar and several others attempting Herculean efforts) collectively provided ample vids & such documenting all the optimization woes of their game. Sadly this ended up with not much to show for it, despite being the largest thread ever on this forum.

    About a year and a half back they told us they just couldn't do it, saying something about bottlenecked resources on the prior gen consoles owing to their coding or sumsuch.

    I have no doubt all this cost them many loyal & passionate players, chiefly because of this goal never happening and no hope of Cross Progression either to escape with.

    Any still toughing it out on the Switch deserve medals, cake, and an extra toy at recess. Oh, and not to be shamefully lead along like that ever again with any game they love.

  • CountOfTheFog
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    I feel so heartbroken right now. I put 4,100 hours in but I can't do this anymore.

    If I'm a Survivor and we go to certain maps, I'm detrimental to my teammates because the game slows down so much that you are likely to miss skill checks easily.

    It burns thinking I could have bought a PS5 with the money I've spent on this game alone 😔

  • tjt85
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    I think Survivor is an OK experience for the most part. But I do hope they improve things for some of the newer / bigger maps.

    But you'd have to be a true masochist to want to play any Killer games on the Switch. Luckily for BHVR, the DBD fan base loves to suffer.

    "No tears please..."

  • CountOfTheFog
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    The devs aren't going to come in here and tell me everything is going to be OK, are they? 😢

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  • Caiman
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    Yeah, we're screwed. I've spent less than $100 but I still feel ripped off. BHVR has burned me too many times now with disappointing chapters, bad design decisions, bugs new and old going unacknowledged, and worst of all the constant worsening of the game's performance. I'm going to think more than twice about giving them money from now on.

  • UnknownKiller
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    In my opinion all previous consoles wont recieve any more optimization that of course include switch.The ones who did the new Zelda must be geniuses to make it run on that console

  • CountOfTheFog
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    You should see DOOM (2016) on Switch. Amazing how good that looks. Shockingly good.

  • Nazzzak
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    I ended up giving up on Switch. It became clear enough that I had reached the point where I wasn't going to get any better because of the limitations of playing on the Switch. I ended up moving fully to the PS5, which I had pretty much only used to play killer on occasion. I figured survivor surely wouldn't be that different on either console but once I actually played survivor on PS5 I couldn't go back to the Switch. I feel for you, it really is so bad.

  • Caiman
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    Warframe ran pretty well too. It wasn't as pretty as the other versions, no, but it had a solid framerate for the majority of the time I played it, and that game has a lot more complicated stuff going on than DbD.

    The only reason DbD runs as poorly as it does is because it's coded poorly and for years BHVR has focused more on adding new content over fixing the game's problems, which has made the problems so bad that fixing them is a monumental effort now.

  • CountOfTheFog
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    devs can you shed any light on if Switch performance can be improved at all? Thank you.

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  • Peanits
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    Yes, there is work being done. I do want to manage expectations, though. Optimization for all platforms (Switch included) isn't a one-and-done kind of thing, it's something that happens one step at a time, and we've been working on it regularly for the past few years. In other words, there will not be a single patch that suddenly improves performance overnight, but rather a steady stream of improvements over the course of many updates. I don't have specifics on hand for the Switch in particular, but the optimizations we do would affect the Switch as well.