Should Hillbilly's Old Insta-saw Add-ons Come Back but With Two Conditions?

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Greetings everybody.

I decided to make this poll because I'm trying to get more feedback on the forum post I posted a couple of days ago for some Hillbilly changes. If you haven't read it, it's right here: The Hillbilly: Changes to his Basekit and Add-ons — BHVR

Recently, I've talked to various people about the idea of bringing back Billy's old insta-saw add-ons which was mentioned by a user who responded in my forum post. Personally, I thought it wasn't a bad idea as long as the following two things are applied to them:

  1. The insta-saw add-ons shouldn't stack.
  2. The insta-saw add-ons should have different values compared to the original ones.

What I'm specifically talking about with point number two is about decreasing the numbers.

Billy's old insta-saw add-ons were:

  1. Spark Plug: reduces charge time by 0.3 seconds.
  2. Primer Bulb: reduces charge time by 0.45 seconds.
  3. Thompson's Mix: reduces charge time by 0.3 seconds and reduces the chainsaw cooldown to 1.6 seconds.
  4. Carburetor Tuning Guide: reduces charge time by 0.45 seconds, reduces chainsaw cooldown to 1.72 seconds, and reduces the bump penalty to 1.76 seconds.

With Carburetor Tuning Guide and Primer Bulb combined, you would get a 0.9 second reduction to charge time. As a result, charging up the chainsaw would only take 1.6 seconds. If you take old Tinkerer, the charge time would be less than this.

I personally think that reducing the numbers, such as taking the 0.3 second recharge time to 0.25 or 0.15 seconds, would be okay and, of course, without stacking them.

With this info mentioned, do you guys think that Billy's old insta-saw add-ons should come back with these two conditions mentioned?

Should Hillbilly's Old Insta-saw Add-ons Come Back but With Two Conditions? 8 votes

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    I don't even think you need to reduce the values though, without them stacking the values are not too problematic.

    If you go for Carburetor Tuning guide with Doom Engravings, which as far as I am aware is what people used to run mostly, the charge time reduction gets negated to a big portion by the bonus charge time of the engravings...

    (0.45s being a little bit less than 20% and doom engravings having 13% (?) additional charge time being around 0.3 seconds? So your chainsaw gets barely shorter in charge time but faster, which would be kind of fair I think.)