are indoor maps more killer or survivor sided

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are indoor maps more killer or survivor sided 30 votes

killer sided
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survivor sided
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  • Astel
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    It is differed by what map it is and who is the killer a lot.

  • Annso_x
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    Depends on the killer. Usually they're great for stealth killers and bad for mobility killers for example.

  • BooperDooper
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    It depends on the map and the killer tbh. Like Midwhich I'd say is more killer sided, especially for quick traversal killers. Where as RPD might be more survivor sided? And Hawkins I feel like is a middle ground, many nice spots to get away from the killer but most pallets are very weak and can easily be ran around or mindgamed.

  • Archol123
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    survivor sided

    They all suffer from the same problems, using any kind of power that is not stealth is usually a lot harder and visibility and tracking are a lot harder as well. That's in general and then when we look at their own problems each of them has some...

    Gideon has was too many safe pallets but no windows, so the map is loaded af but dry when pallets are used, no real mind game potential because basically every single one of the 25 pallets is safe.

    Midwich is literally the hold w map against killers without mobility if you position yourself at the end of the corridor, but the loops themselves are not too strong, so you are somewhat incentivised to just W...

    RPD has problems of getting places as well as many safe loops that also create some really long hold w moments. For example the main hall pallet if done properly.

    Hawkins has issues of many dead ends as well as a bunch of unsafe pallets, so you will get m1s rather easily, but using your power is way harder which is really annoying, also tracking and finding people can be rough. The dead ends in the sense of you wanna go to the other side of the wall but therfore you need to walk around the entire room because you got unlucky and there is no door here...

    Lerys is similar to Hawkins with some dead ends in rooms and the same problems that come with it, it can have some really busted windows alignments but the loops themselves are mostly alright, it is still about issues in tracking survivors because it is just so easy to hide and hard to cut of people because of the many options they have to take a different path.

    Indoor maps just have their own set of problems, not necessarily being killer or survivor sided themselves, but just annoying to play on in general, since most killers, besides stealth killers get severely hindered and stealthing is way too easy on those maps. So unless you play a stealth killer they are rather survivor sided.

  • Aurelle
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    It depends on the killer and which map it is.

  • RareFantom47
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    It depends on what Killer is on the map. Huntress on Lerry's, possibly Killer-Sided. Billy on RPD, Survivor-Sided. Ghostface on Midwich, Killer-Sided.