Tunneling at 5 gens necessary???

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i just want to know why some killers tunnel at 5/4 gens. It just takes the fun away and it needs 0 skill. Is it even possible for a solo Q team to win such a round ? A 3 v 1 at 4 gens? i understand that it is necessary to tunnel at 1/2 Gens but at 5 gens is a free win and its just annoying to be a survivor in such a round. Bhvr just should buff DS so its Meta again.

Last round when i played a DBD Match a Dwight with 20 Hour play time got tunneld out from a Blight with over 1000 Play hours. The other 2 wanted to kill themselves and were all slugged and I had to hide for 2 minutes so I could get the Hatch.



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    It's possible to win if you get a solid soloQ team that use the time to crunch gens... unfortunately that doesn't always happen, and if you're being tunneled without anti-tunnel perks then it just sucks. There have not been an insignificant number of games where I've been hooked in a pracgical dead zone, and had to just hold W to a corner to buy as much time as possible... which only has value if my team uses it.

    A lot of killers are running Scourge Hook: Pain Res at the moment though because it is so good, and at least that does not reward excessive tunneling...

    The tunnelers I've seen tend to be running Pop and Eruption, so they can tunnel out and still exert gen slow down, which is pretty rough to face.

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    The tunneling is the biggest issue in this game - ON BOTH SIDES.

    As long as the game is basically gen-speed vs. kill-speed, this is the strategy on both ends. If survivors need to do more like finding gen-parts in chests, carrying them to a special generator for instant repair of X % or so, while killers are unable to down a unhooked survivor (perma-deep-wound), this could (!) be interesting, but it would need some tests how it would affect the game. Tons of perks would need reconsideration etc. For example you could do it that way, that a survivor who carries a gen-part dont leave scratch-marks, but when the killer gets a hit, the gen-part is destroyed. Just an idea. However you change the game, it would need more than 1 big PTB.

    I dont know if BHVR wants to change the game in such a way. For now, we just have to accept the tunneling on both sides, im afraid.

    Ill give you an example: For what reason do we need chests in the maps? Yea, sometimes you want to find a key for the hatch or a medkit, but not for grinding, since the grind is reduced. When you get 1 item out, youll earn 5+ of them out of the bloodweb for your BPs. Bring 1 Med-Kit into the trial and youll receive enough BPs to earn 4 new items out of 2 Bloodwebs. The grind, as nice as it is, especially to beginners, also has the downside of making chests nearly uninteresting.

    So the only way to kill tunneling in the game, you need to add other goals for survivors besides slamming gens,, but at the same time, all killers would receive some nerfs to compensate for the "new time" they would have.

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    You should probably ask that killer.

    Btw. were your other teammates afk?

    How is it even possible to have a match where no gens get done in 3 chases/hook stages?

    1000 hour blights against 20 hour survivors looks like the mmr went bonkers or he was in a SWF with someone with much higher hours.

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    Tunneling at 1 gen left doesn't work. By that point you either have enough hooks to not call it tunneling anymore, or tunneling won't save you. Tunneling at 2 gens doesn't work all that well either. Tunneling at 3 gens would still afford you to find the survivor you want to tunnel quickly. So for tunneling to work the most effective, you need to do it early on.

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    Not always but more effective when killer can get rid of someone quickly ASAP.

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    But when they take chase they are called toxic and have too much of an ego if they don't jump right into the killer's arms, right?

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    5 gens can turn into 2 gens easily so i dont know it depends ill say if you are playing a HIGH tier killer thats pretty lame , but if you arent am totally fine with it , playing low tier killer right now with the MFT meta is just painful.

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    I get annoyed when it happens but I also understand why some of them do it; the edge cases.

    I had a solo queue game yesterday against a Blight on Father Campbells. He tunneled right off the bat and was fairly decent; not the best I've seen but they knew what they were doing with their rush.

    He got a 4k at the end but there was only one gen left and that last gen was almost done multiple times while it being a 3 gen. If the Blight didn't tunnel off the bat and secure a 3-gen after that he would have likely lost hard.

    Hell, I was messing around doing the chest challenge for some of it and had a really really bad second chase. If I played better or wasn't doing my challenge they still might have lost even with tunneling and a 3-gen.

    Now, I don't get teams like that a lot in solo queue but it's because of those teams that some killers feel the need to tunnel so early.

    Other times they just want to crush people hard for the sense of satisfaction. Some people enjoy destroying their opponents.

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    This is a big part of it. Neither side can really afford to play reactively considering how much things can snowball out of control. Its the same reason why survivors prefer to split on 3 separate gens and get them done asap, that progress can't be undone anymore by regression (via kick/hook perks)

    The game's design greatly rewards whoever hits the ground running the hardest, while there isn't much room for either side to feel out if their opponent is outsweating you.

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    If you are at 4 gens when somone have been hooked 3 times, then its on you. - it takes 90 secs to solo a gen, with no equipment and no perks.

    And while i hate being the one getting tunneled out, YES it is - but hear me out please.

    Most gen regression perks have been nerfed to a point where they are simply waste of a perks slot, on top of that, slow moving killers are in a very bad spot, as they waste too much time patrolling gens and doing loops, while gens are popping really fast. Getting 6 hooks for a draw, before the 5 gens are done, can really hard if they go against a swf with good coms that are good at denying hooks. 1-2 lost hooks can cost the entire match for them (and this is if the killer only hook 2 people for the entire match, if they hook more they need more than 6 hooks). - So the killers have to adapt, and the most efficient way is to remove 1 player that can work gens af quick as possible.

    You might not be playing in a swf that rush gens, but killers cant afford to give you the benifit of the doubt, so some push hard from the start of the game.

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    Necessary? Only if you want to have more chance to win.

    Most options killers had have been made obsolete. This is the last tactic left.

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    It is crazy how some killers try to win the game as efficiently and quickly as possible!

    We need to slow down their objective somehow!

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    Just tunnelling that early is a risky play, since if you just turbo tunnel a guy out then you are not pressuring anyone else across the entire map.

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    maybe side objectives like cleaning and polishing totems.🤐🤐🤐

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    I think we need a police force in-game.

    The innate Borrowed Time/Haste and Anti-Face Camp are simply not enough.

    People could queue up to police how other people play and prevent taboo behaviors by timing offending players out for 10s at a time in a giant crib under the map!

    There is NO EXCUSE for going after the same person multiple times!

    No more winning too fast or trying hard!

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    DbD is not a party game, it is a competitive game, if one person is gone, the efficiency of the gen will decrease, so you just have to take that into account and make tunnel non-tunneling decisions based on the match and situation.

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    It's more the skill reward ratio. Looping for multiple gens takes a lot more skill than tunneling or camping. Evidence: Baby killers camp/tunnel all the time, baby survivors dont loop multiple gens.

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    All you have to do if you're getting tunnelled is pre drop every pallet. Chances are the pallet will be safe and the killer will have to break it which will give you another 10+s to get to the next pallet which you should loop around a few times until the killer is slightly further than a lunge away then pre drop that pallet. Doing this doesn't take much skill but would most likely lead to all the gens getting done before your 3rd hook and if you're running OTR or DS you could even escape.

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    In a team sure, in soloq nah. Hardly ever do I see soloq survivors get on separate gens, they pretty much always stack. On the Game (meating packing plant) this could work without being on seperate gens simply because it's got the most pallets of any map. But pretty much in any case in soloq if you start predropping pallets the whole map will be a deadzone without resources and there will still be gens left.

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     Necessary. off course.

    Killer main say "one hook three gen".

    But my own experience or some streams that I watch,

    It is a very rare case. not common.

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    Tunneling is a necessary evil

    Just because you play chill, it doesn’t mean Survivors will play chill.

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    Oh it just happens unfortunately. And I don't think the devs really care or will do anything about it. I just know that their are matches where we don't pull off a win and others we do. And if we do pull off a win or one of us escape, I make sure to twerk at the exit or on hatch to assert dominance.

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    You are not playing solo, right?

    These days nobody cares about gens anymore. Or escapes in general. I am usually measure time and i promise you, in most of these games there is at least 1 person that does the first minute of the game absolutly nothing. Or in a later stage minutes of not doing anything, for whatever reason.

    In my last match i played, Mikaela started her first action at 1:09 doing a chest and eventually started her first generator at 1:41! This player had 4500 hours.

    In so many game, there is this one weeklings that generates a 3v1 scenario for the majority of the game.

    Imagine in 2026 when tunneling is fixed, the killer mains come to the discovery, that being good with a killer actually can win games. Cant wait for that historic moment.

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    I only play solo. But yes, sometimes there are players that have no interest in doing anything. Surprisingly often its the players with a p100 survivor. Might be a coincidence though.

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    A good killer takes their advantages. And taking a person out early is the best play a killer can do. Just because you don't like it doesn't make them a "bad killer".

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    the funny thing is thats when Survivors turn the altruism to the max.

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    Eh it kinda is. Popping 3 gens by first hook is the most efficient thing survivors can do while killing a person early is the most efficient and best thing long term for killer. Not even about the 4k since the killers goal is to kill.

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    But the thing is, Gens completed dont make the Killer weaker (some Perks even make the Killer stronger). A Survivor dead certainly makes the Survivor-Team weaker.

    Tunneling is way stronger than Gen-Rushing, because it does matter if you remove a Survivor very early from the game, but it does not matter if you do Gens fast (unless you do all 5 fast, but anything below 5 does not win you the game, regardless if the Survivors complete 0 or 4 Gens before the Killer gets a Hook).

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    How about breaking the survivors' legs? That's slow the objective (the survivors) down so the killer can get them quicker!!!!

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    Some do it because gen rushing and some just want to ruin other players games. There are many reasons. But ultimately it is flaw in game. Easiest stragedy should not be the best no-one can defend that it takes just least amount of skill. Gen rushing is same takes least amount skill from survivors.

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    Well, gens fly so fast these days, that you don't have to be THAT competitive, but just not wanting to lose at the 5min mark with 3 hooks. If you have to gogogo from second 1 as killer, just not to insta lose, its sometimes hard to shift gears accordingly, when you meet a genuine potato team.

    90% of the time it's not 5gens, it's 3 gens being simultaneously worked on, and that 5 gens could very easily be 2.3 gens remaining. It happens so often, and I don't have any real solution.

    The close, nail-biting games of the past are mostly gone, rare and far between, and today's meta on both sides consists on getting a leg up asap, OR ELSE! It sucks, but what are you gonna do? Roll over and just lose or adapt?

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    I don't think you're taking this seriously!

    We need to impose restrictions and boundaries on who the killer can target/when!

    The only path to balance is removing agency!

    The Game Police are also a viable option!

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    Sure, you can take the advantage, but i see it rather as a sign of weakness. If i have to play in a way everybody despises, i would not deserve better when i play surivivor.

    I dont tunnel, and therefore i never relied on those tactics and focused on chase and strategy. Still i can get 4Ks left and right. And i am really not the best killer by any means. So yes, if a killer has to tunnel, i automatically assume he is not that great, sorry. Very few showed me otherwise, only those who spread hooks impressed me with their skill.

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    It can make the killer weaker. Simply by making the gens completed the furthest possible distance making the killer walk across the map just to patrol effectively making it the same time sync as patrolling more than 4 gens.

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    It is not necessary but it is the easiest tactic given how altruistic people are in the game.